The Great Rehire Has Begun – Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Fundamentals

As populations slowly become vaccinated against Covid19, economies around the world are starting to recover, borders are beginning to open and companies are again looking to establish new teams and re-capture market share that they may have lost during the pandemic.

What does this mean for many economies around the world..? It means the Great Rehire has begun.

Across Australia, the USA, the UK, Europe, South East Asia and regions world wide, travel restrictions are easing, and both tourism and business travel once again opening up enabling organisations to once again flex their muscles and recruit new talent into their teams.

This has been corroborated by Amazon who in September 2021, confirmed they will be hiring 55’000 new team members to support their rapid growth in the wake of Covid19 and replenish lost team members during the worst months of the pandemic.

But what about the Small to Medium sized businesses (SMEs) around the world who are now looking to build teams again; has anything been learnt.

One principle lesson that has been learnt by many business owners around the world is that your team does not necessarily need to be sitting with you in an office, 5 days a week for it to be efficient and successful; in fact quite the opposite.

Remote work forces have become the norm. They are here to stay, with multiple studies showing that not only are remote work forces as effective as in office work forces, but the employment population heavily favouring the work from home option for the foreseeable future.

However, other than efficiency and a happy workforce, there are other key benefits SMEs profit from by developing remote teams.

In particular, they reduce operation cost significantly. No office, no equipment and no hardware alone can reduce operational cost by up to 70%.

Then there are the significant salary costs.

For example, if an SME was to develop their remote team in the Philippines, and take advantage of the world class, English speaking and high literacy talent pools available, then their staffing costs can also be reduced by up to 90%.

Think about that for just one moment:

  • Reduced Staffing cost by 90%.
  • Reduced operational cost by 70%.
  • The exact same efficiency.
  • The exact same quality.
  • Arguably better commitment and dedication.
  • Full support and back office HR, infrastructure, IT and training provided.

Any savvy SME business owner, in any industry sector must seriously consider the new normal of a Remote Workforce.

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Can Benefit Your Business

As organisations now look to accelerate hiring processes, attract new talent and should be considering remote teams, it is a savvy decision to consider a recruitment partner in the form of a recruitment process outsourcing company or RPO.

An RPO can not only significantly improve hiring timelines, but also provide the full back end support, operational, human resource and IT infrastructure that ensures the success of your remote teams.

At Logx BPO, we support our Recruitment Process Outsourcing functions with our full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experience to ensure that our Recruitment Partners benefit from an entirely unique and comprehensive remote staffing experience.

For more information about our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution you can CLICK HERE.

Before we move onto the benefits of utilsing an experienced Recruitment Process Outsourcing to expedite and improve talent acquisition functions, below we have listed just some of the recruitment team verticals and job types that we support:

Our Successful Recruitment Sectors & Industries

  • IT Recruitment Consultants / IT Recruitment Resourcers
  • Digital Recruitment Consultants / Digital Recruitment Resourcers
  • Healthcare Recruitment Consultants / Healthcare Recruitment Resourcers
  • Engineering Recruitment Consultants / Engineering Recruitment Resourcers
  • Rec to Rec Recruitment Consultants / Rec to Rec Recruitment Resourcers
  • Finance Recruitment Consultants / Finance Recruitment Resourcers
  • Retail Recruitment Consultants / Retail Recruitment Resourcers
  • Energy Recruitment Consultants / Energy Recruitment Resourcers
  • Mechanical Recruitment Consultants / Mechanical Recruitment Resourcers
  • Waste Recruitment Consultants / Waste Recruitment Resourcers
  • Back Office Recruitment Consultants / Back Office Recruitment Resourcers
  • Insurance Recruitment Consultants / Insurance Recruitment Resourcers
  • HR Recruitment Consultants / HR Recruitment Resourcers
  • Customer Service Recruitment Consultants / Customer Service Recruitment Resourcers
  • Sales Recruitment Consultants / Sales Recruitment Resourcers
  • Executive Search Recruitment Consultants / Executive Search Recruitment Resourcers
  • Catering Recruitment Consultants / Catering Recruitment Resourcers
  • Hospitality Recruitment Consultants / Hospitality Recruitment Resourcers


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Benefits of leveraging our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Maximise your RPO investment by choosing a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company that is reputable, has real world experience in the recruitment sector and robust processes that ensure remote team success.

Below are the benefits of partnering with the Logix Recruitment Process Outsourcing team:

  1. Scalability
  2. Customisation
  3. Cost Effectiveness
  4. Technology

RPO – Scalability

Any business that is currently experiencing rapid expansion, or any kind of expansion has some good problems to solve.

However, business expansion requires exceptional talent, which ensures that the expansion is well supported, and the projects that need to be delivered as part of that expansion have the right team to do so.

Our RPO can help your business expand, attracting the best talent, at a significantly lesser cost than local talent; remember – exact same thing, 70% cheaper!.

RPO – Customisation

One of the many widely praised benefits of the RPO model is its customisation, which enables massive recruitment drives to be delivered quickly and cheaply.

For example, if a customers required 100 new staff in a short period of time, most talent acquisition teams would struggle to fill the quota, especially onshore, but with remote teams, where large volumes of pre-vetted and highly skilled candidates are already available to join teams, handling large recruitment spikes becomes seamless and extremely cost effective.

RPO – Cost Efficiency

This is one of the big ones. We ask business owners who are considering building their recruitment teams remotely to consider two key points:

1) Why are you in business? Regardless of the moral objectives, cultural targets for your team, even beyond providing a quality service. We are in business to make money. That is the fundamental reason any business exists.
2) Therefore, why spend 70% or more on employment costs when you can achieve the exact same team quality, effectiveness and efficiency with a remote team, whilst at the same time achieving your number 1 objective; making money by reducing your staffing costs and operational costs by 70% or more.

Unlock massive, highly skilled, educated talent pools and escape candidate led markets, reduce staffing costs radically and scale your business more aggressively.

RPO – Technology

Ask yourself these questions:

– How much do you spend per month on technology?
– Do you even have access to the best technology on the market?

Technology is another significant operational cost which you can simply eradicate from your overheads.

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing company, such as Logix BPO, provides world class IT and technology infrastructure for your business, including tools such as your HRIS System, Payroll Systems, Communication Systems, Inbound & Outbound Dialling Tools, Training, Incentives and benefits.

How to maximise your RPO experience

Deploying an RPO solution can seem like a challenging transition for some companies. For some, it is a new model, and on occasions some businesses may have had poor remote or offshore experiences before.

Below are some of the best practice guidelines to rolling out a successful RPO; and ofcourse it always starts with engaging a trusted and experienced Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner like Logix BPO.

  1. Integrated RPO & Talent Acquisitions
  2. Divide & Conquer
  3. Rules of Engagement
  4. RPO Partner Knowledge

Integrated RPO & Talent Acquisitions

Once you decide to engage an RPO, they become a strategic partner. Whether your engagement is building a remote team of recruitment specialists or outsourcing entire or parts of your internal recruitment processes, your RPO partner should be granted authority to lead recruitment processes.

Divide & Conquer

If your company is using an RPO, it is important to create barriers between your activities to avoid a situation of fishing in the same pond.

If your talent acquisition teams are recruiting for candidates in the same way and same location as your RPO, you are restricting effective ROI.

Rules of Engagement

Prior to starting with your RPO, it is important to ensure that your RPO provider has full executive level support and access to all resources required for them to provide the highest levels of ROI possible.

Agree a pricing model, address early concerns quickly, have a system in place for recognising and acting on improvements that can be made and establish your team and hierarchy.

RPO Partner Knowledge

You are engaging an RPO for their knowledge; do some research.

– Do they have talented recruitment staff on their LinkedIn company page?
– Does their leadership team and ideally CEO, come from a recruitment or staffing background?
– Do they have recognised and reputable clients?

In the market there are many RPO businesses that claim a lot and deliver little, select carefully.