We have hired many hundreds of skilled people across the Philippines. Here are the REAL average wages in the Philippines

These salary guides are based on 2023 salary ranges, and broadly cover average salaries across the whole of the Philippines. It is important to recognise that average salaries will vary from location to location and salary expectations in an urban location such as Manila, are going to be different to salary expectations in a rural area like Bogo City.

However, the fluctuations in Philippine salary ranges are not substantial and no matter the location of your workforce, staffing & virtual assistant costs are considerably lesser than that of Australia, UK, Europe, USA, Canada and many other countries worldwide.

At Logix BPO we can source the perfect candidates into your team, at the salary ranges which best align to your budgets. The Philippines is home to a diverse and talented pool of candidates across a wide range of disciplines. Excellent educational facilities, English first working environments and a unique blend of Asian, European and US cultures have created a wonderfully skilled workforce that can integrate into your business seamlessly.

Since our inception, we have hired many hundreds of highly skilled remote team members for our partners worldwide. It is through this experience that we have developed the most accurate Average Wage in the Philippines Guide, which you can download for FREE further down this page.

If your business could benefit from an outsourcing company in the Philippines that specializes in the very best remote staffing solutions, highest skilled virtual assistant and ethical processes then we would be delighted to have a meeting to discuss options.

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PH Salary Guide 2023

This Guide provides up to date and accurate monthly salary expectations for ALL types of Virtual Staff, and in multiple currencies. If you want to know how much you should be paying your Virtual Assistant or Remote Worker, this guide will tell you.

These average wages in the Philippines are based on monthly salary rates. It is common in the Philippines for salaries to be paid twice monthly.

Note: Exchange rates and average salaries will fluctuate.

Job Type Avg. Salary PHP Avg. Salary USD
Recruiter 45,000 822
Sourcing Specialist 35,000 639
CSR Agent 21,000 355
Bookkeeper 40,000 731
Virtual Assitant 34,000 621
Web Developer 37,000 676

Common Jobs – Average wage in the Philippines

If you want a comprehensive understanding of Average Wages in the Philippines, as well as some insight into our ethical remote staffing processes, then please do download our free 2023 – Average Wage in the Philippines Guide.

There is no better Philippine Salary Guide available that is accurately based on real staffing hires made by our partners worldwide.

We have carefully curated our Philippine Salary Guide to ensure that the salary averages are completely accurate across a multiple of skillsets.

All of the skill set types in the 2023 – Average Wage in the Philippines Guide, have been recruiting into our partners teams managed by Logix BPO.

To the left are some of those salary averages across the most common resource types we encounter.

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