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Outsource Philippines

Why the Philippines is the perfect location to build your full time work force.
There are so many reasons why businesses all over the world choose to build their full time work force in the Philippines; and since so many businesses have become used to remote work forces since the outbreak of Covid19, the outsourced and remote team solution has become more popular than ever.

What we have learnt since the outbreak of Covid19, is that businesses do not need to invest in expensive offices and expensive infrastructure. Remote working forces are just as efficient. And what is further beneficial with outsourcing to the Philippines, is that businesses radically reduce staffing costs, whilst eliminating office, infrastructure, tax, insurance and all other liability costs.

But why is the Philippines so popular among so many businesses across Australia, the UK & Europe, USA, Canada and even across Asia.

We could list hundreds of reasons as to why the Outsource Philippines proposition is such an attractive one, but in the consideration of time, we have provided some of the key reasons.

Outsourcing with Confidence

Many business owners around the world have likely read about the benefits of building their teams offshore. Some have taken the leap and are already experiencing the many benefits and significant cost reductions. However, a larger percentage of businesses, who would benefit from increased efficiency and reduced operational and staffing costs, have not yet made the outsourcing decision. There are many reasons why business owners struggle to make the switch over to offshore staffing solutions, such as low confidence, lack of knowledge or perhaps a feeling of being overwhelmed with the wide range of options, discussion threads and case studies available online.

In reality, the development of a remote, full time work force in the Philippines is very easy to do. It is low stress, low cost, and trust us when we say that every single business owner that we have worked with across the world has stated that they were completely surprised at the ease of the setup, the ease of the transition and the immediate returns they gained.

We are here to take the stress of your shoulders. We understand that running a business is expensive, especially in some of the countries that we previously mentioned; and it is getting more and more expensive every year.

We do all the groundwork to build your teams, we provide ALL your teams with everything they need to be a success and thrive within your business. This enables you to focus purely on your business and scale.

Why Outsourcing In the Philippines is so effective

As previously mentioned, it is very hard to argue the case against outsourcing and building full time remote teams in the Philippines.

Every business we have ever supported says the exact same thing, "I wish I had done this years ago and saved $100k's more".

Below are some of the reasons why your business should build your teams remotely with Logix in the Philippines:
1) The Philippines workforce is culturally compatible with the West. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country with rich European history, and a strong allegiance to the USA. The Philippines workforce seamlessly integrate into western organisations.
2) The cost of labor is a major attraction for hundreds of millions of businesses worldwide. On average, companies save $60'000 per year in salary, infrastructure & legal costs, per employee they hire offshore.
3) The educational system in the Philippines is exceptional and aligns to educational standards in the US, UK and Australia. Filipino students are taught English from a very young age. The country boasts exceptional literacy rates and almost all of the skilled workforce obtain degrees.
4) Businesses anywhere in the world will struggle to find a workforce more loyal and dedicated than that of the Philippines. Your team members will do whatever possible to demonstrate their dedication to your business.
5) The Philippines is a rapidly emerging economy in Asia. More people are acquiring skills, more people are gaining experience and the infrastructure from where they operate is becoming truly world class.
6) The pool of candidates that organisations have access to is truly staggering. If an organization were to run an advert for an Administration Specialist in the Sunshine Coast, Australia they may get a small handful of applications, with maybe one or two candidates with the correct skills. If the same advert were to be run in the Philippines, the organisation would receive many hundreds of applications, with a high percentage of those applications being exceptional. No talent pool in the world can compete with the Philippines.
7) The Philippines often ranks #1 or very close to #1 in global outsourcing and offshore staffing analysis. Recently, Cushman & Wakefield, the world’s largest privately held commercial real estate conducted a global audit of the best outsourcing and offshore staffing locations based on Cost, Risk, Language, Skill & Infrastructure. The Philippines came in joint #1 with Vietnam.

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    Outsourcing with Confidence

    We get presented with a common concern many times a year by companies around the world looking at offshore staffing and outsourcing solutions. That concern is:

    "We are worried that the quality of the outsourcing team will be lesser than our local team"

    Of course, we understand that developing an offshore team will create some anxiety with business owners. Especially those business owners who have either never outsourced before or had a bad experience with an outsourced digital agency or offshore freelancer.
    However, it is important for business owners to understand that the Logix BPO solution is one built on high levels of quality control, rigid processes and the recruitment of only the very best, most skilled and relevant candidates.

    In reality, there is very little risk for business owners looking to build offshore teams or outsource with Logix BPO because we ensure the delivery or work flows and performance of staff members. Your offshore team is monitored, motivated and operates within a system designed for high quality delivery.

    Let's look at this from a different perspective.
    If we could guarantee you the following:
    Reduce your annual staff costs by up to $60k per staff member
    Completely remove your need for office, software, insurance, infrastructure, legal, benefit costs
    Deliver work on time, on budget to a standard that either aligns or exceeds local work forces
    Provide detailed reports on attendance, work delivery and quality standards from your offshore team
    Seamlessly setup all the communication, software, infrastructure and tools your business needs for you, at no additional cost
    All for just a small service fee + the staff salary (which on average is 75% lower than local staff salary).

    Then surely, that is worth engaging in a FREE STRATEGY DISCUSSION?

    It is risk free. We guarantee the delivery of your work to the highest possible standard. You select the best candidates from our shortlist. And together we ensure your offshore team members are on-boarded and trained to deliver the tasks, projects and workloads you require to at least the standard of local workforces at a 75% or greater cost reduction.

    For millions of businesses around the world, you can see why this is an absolute no brainer.
    Simply click on the button below to book a completely free online strategy session so we can find out the areas
    of your business that you need support with, and start to develop the solution to help your business grow.
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    World Class Offshore Staffing Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is nothing short of world class. Similar office spaces would cost $100k's per month to operate from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and any other first world country.

    But it is not only the world class infrastructure that enables Logix BPO to compete with any organisation in the world, it's our processes and systems that our partners get access to that make the difference.

    Our partners get access to Payroll, HR, IT, Time Tracking, Project Management, Recruitment, Communication and Scheduling tools which would cost many $10k's per month if our partners were to integrate the tools directly within their businesses.

    With Logix BPO, our partners pay NO ADDITIONAL FEE to access this entire suite of world class tools.

    All of our partners get access to:

    World Class Serviced Office Suites

    Our offices are state of the art and capable of supporting 1000's of employees across hundreds of business partners.

    We have open plan office facilities, and also dedicated office blocks for between 2 and 400 staff members for those business partners that prefer their team members to work in dedicated office space; we can even brand those office spaces in your company colors and branding, and welcome you and your clients onsite should they need to visit.

    Our offices are all air conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are furnished to the highest standard, have multiple toilet and pantry facilities, with dedicated onsite cleaning and come with onsite security and staff parking.

    Onsite & Expert IT Support & Infrastructure

    Our office suites are based in Cebu, Philippines. We have a comprehensive team of technical and IT support specialists onsite that support your team every day of the week.

    The IT specialists support every aspect of our systems and infrastructure. This includes our 200MBPS internet and redundancy protocols, onsite data and backup servers, our high performance Core i5/Core i7 desktops and laptops, installing security software and resolving any breaches and managing our VoIP and telephony systems.

    Our IT team looks after your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business and clients.

    Project Management & Productivity Dashboard

    Through our Project Management & Productivity software, you will have direct access to build out your team's work flows, tasks and priorities, as well as track progress and collaborate in a live working environment.

    Our powerful software provides everything your business needs to organise your team and deliver tasks and projects. From file and document management and storage, to Gantt, Kanban, scheduling tools and progress charts. our software will ensure smooth delivery of all your projects and tasks.

    Of course, you can also plug your remote team into your own software if you prefer.

    Timesheet, Attendance & Time Tracking Software

    We provide your team with a dedicated Team Leader. The Team Leader is provided by us, and does not incur additional charges to you. The Team Leader will ensure your team has great attendance, are submitting timesheets correctly, are maintaining our highest level of standards and be on call for you anytime to discuss any concerns, improvements or just for regulars catch ups on progress updates.

    Through our Project Management software, your team will be able to submit time logged against individual tasks and submit weekly timesheets for approval.

    We help your team remain motivated and efficient. We aim for all team members to be at least 70% billable everyday.

    It is our job to look after your team and infrastructure, so you can focus on scaling your business and capturing market share.

    You can trust that Logix BPO will become your valuable remote staffing partner and will work closely with you and your business to ensure your business objectives are achieved.

    That is the Logix way.

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