Comprehensive Business
Process Outsourcing & Recruitment Process

What we provide at Logix BPO, is an unrivalled and comprehensive business outsourcing solution that far exceeds anything else on the market.

We combine years of experience, exceptionally talented workforces, robust systems, extensive knowledge, smart talent acquisition and the very best technology to provide businesses around the world with a superior business outsourcing service.

Almost any company can benefit from outsourcing. The very few risks (and we really do mean VERY FEW), are significantly outweighed by the extensive list of outsourcing benefits.

Any business worldwide that wants to save 70% on staffing costs, up to 90% on operational costs without any compromise to quality, performance and delivery will benefit from outsourcing.

Despite 1000’s of companies already benefiting from outsourcing, we are still shocked at how many businesses are still not taking advantage of these fantastic assets.

In our Post Covid19 economies, many businesses have not only become used to remote workforces but have to be pragmatic with their financial decisions. Outsourcing with Logix BPO will save your business $100k’s, and below is how and why.

Our Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Process is
Conducted in 6 Stages:



The best candidates are shortlisted for an initial discovery telephone interview



A discovery telephone interview is conducted, where initial questions are asked about experience, job relevance, skills etc.



The best candidates from the telephone interviews are invited for a comprehensive face to face interview covering everything from competences, CV overview to testing.



A select final shortlist is presented to our partners to select the best candidate for their remote team.



Final Human Resource checks are conducted such as referencing, background and police checks. Once the candidate passes all final assessments, offers are made, notice periods are finalized and contracts are produced.



Candidates are then ready to move onto our onboarding processes and join your remote teams.

Comprehensive Talent Acquisition

Our talented workforce are our most valuable resource and for our partners their most valuable intangible assets. This is why our talent acquisition processes are so important as we recruit the very best candidates into our partners remote teams. Talent acquisition is a fundamental element of our comprehensive business outsourcing solution.

It starts with comprehensive briefing and job descriptions that enable our recruitment specialists to intricately understand exactly what your business needs, the type of personality and skills & experiences required to be successful in the job and within your organisation. Although we do lean on our partners to provide these detailed job specifications, it is our recruitment specialists and HR team that digest these requirements and develop the recruitment campaigns to source the best candidates.

We have access to over 200’000 high skilled and pre-vetted candidates within our own recruitment database. There are also over 2 million skilled candidates in a rich talent pool across Cebu. Every year more highly skilled candidates are pumped into the local workforce via the 22 Universities and Colleges across the Island of Cebu. The talent pool is diverse, highly motivated and improving year on year for our partners to benefit from.

Every new staffing requirement we receive from our partners is advertised extensively across Cebu. We use various candidate databases to advertise our partners’ jobs including MyNimo, SEEK, Monster, BossJobs, JobStreet, Indeed and Jora. All candidates from all job adverts are filtered through our dedicated Careers Software and the very best candidates are shortlisted.

Outsourcing Options

There are actually no limits to the type of work force you can build within your remote team at Logix BPO. We consider our solution a comprehensive business outsourcing solution, which means just that.

Whatever your business, whatever industry, whatever the skills needed, they will be available in Cebu, and can be available within your remote team.

Below are just some of the offshore staffing types we have recruited into our partners remote teams:

  • 5Real Estate Virtual Assistants
  • 5Property Management Virtual Assistants
  • 5Finance Virtual Assistants
  • 5Customer Service Virtual Assistants
  • 5Sales Agent Virtual Assistants
  • 5Business Development Virtual Assistants
  • 5IT Support Virtual Assistants
  • 5Technical Virtutal Assistants
  • 5Retail Virtual Assistants
  • 5Digital Virtual Assistants
  • 5Payroll Virtual Assistants
  • 5Accounting Virtual Assistants
  • 5Bookkeeping Virtual Assistants
  • 5Hospitality Virtual Assistants
  • 5Legal Specialist Virtual Assistants
  • 5Recruitment Specialist Virtual Assistants
  • 5Sourcing Specialist Virtual Assistants
  • 5Education Virtual Assistants
  • 5Event Planning Virtual Assistants
  • 5Telesales Virtual Assistants
  • 5Appointment Setters Virtual Assistants
  • 5Social Media Specialist Virtual Assistants
  • 5Date Entry Virtual Assistants
  • 5Web Developers & Graphic Designers
  • 5Social Media Specialists
  • 5Marketing Specialists
  • 5Recruitment Consultants

And the list goes on.

There is no limit to the type of team you can build through our business outsourcing service.

We have partners with a single remote employee, and partners with over 100 remote employees, all benefiting from the wide range of efficiency and financial benefits that our outsourcing solution provides.

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Benefits of Outsourcing with Logix BPO

Access to a huge & skilled talent pool

There are millions of highly skilled, highly cost effective candidates available in the Philippines. Your remote team will be engaged, motivated, energetic, loyal and bring a level of expertise and professionalism which is hard to replicate through local work forces.

Decreased risk

The cost savings are staggering, and there is no loss in productivity, efficiency, delivery or quality. The risk is reduced significantly and the financial benefits are helping businesses all over the world realize growth and market share capture much quicker.

Scale your business quickly

As our operations take care of your staffing and much of your operational requirements, you are left with a much healthier bottom line and much more time to focus on your customers and scale your business at will.

Gain the competitive edge

One of the ultimate benefits of outsourcing is the competitive edge gained over the competition who have not yet realized the benefits of outsourcing. Radically improved efficiency, significant cost savings, increased operational performance & time to scale.

Staffing flexibility

By outsourcing with Logix BPO, your business can scale freely, and this also includes scaling your team. We can have a new staff member in your team within 20-30 days of being instructed to source. And you scale up as much as you want. Need 1 or 100 new team members, no problem, we can build that team for you.

24/7 Operations

Our facilities cater for 24/7 operations. Should your business need a work force to operate whilst your local workforce sleeps, then we can deliver that. Your remote teams can work to your local hours or hours that align to any economy world wide.

Hourly rates to die for

On average our partners are paying just $8 per hour for highly skilled full time remote staff. That is the final fully inclusive hourly rate which also covers all the operational, software, hardware, management and facilities costs as well as labor costs.

No salary markup

Transparency is very important to us, so you can rest assured that there is NO SALARY MARKUP in any of the costs. Whatever it is agreed that your staff member receives, that is what they receive. We do not profit, in any way, from your remote staff wages.

Massive ROI

The ROI that our partners are achieving is in the many hundreds of % per month. At some point all businesses will realise that they do not need to invest fortunes in office spacing, local staffing and management. All of that cost can go on customer satisfaction and marketing.

Our Technology

HRIS, Support, CRM

Our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a powerful tool that allows us and our partners to manage their teams, store employee information, track and manage holidays and holiday pay, sick leave and sick page, produce attendance and performance analytics and produce a wide range of reports.

Onboarding new staff becomes a seamless activity as new remote staff joining your team work through a pre-developed onboarding process that ensures they are up to speed when they start and that all essential documents, such as ID, contracts and references have been secured and processed.

With our HRIS, there is no need to hire expensive local human resource teams, our software does it all.

Recruitment & Advertising

Our powerful recruitment software enables direct access to hundreds of thousands of skilled candidates, with intuitive searching, job posting, short listing and interview scheduling capabilities.

There is no need to invest small fortunes in cost and time on advertising, shortlisting & reading CVs and interviewing.

Let us build your highly skilled remote team for you.

Project & Team Management

Our Project Management Software is about as comprehensive as can be. Not only will our software enable you to create tasks, workflows and projects for individuals or teams of staff, it also has direct live communication so that you are always in contact with your team, time tracking so you can see how long your team take per tasks, a whole suite of analytics and reports to create and a intuitive live dashboard so you can see your entire business in a single snapshot.

Forget Asana,, Trello. These are just toys compared with our project management software.

IT, Telephony & VoIP

Our VoIP and Telephony software gives our partners an unparalleled level of access to cheap and reliable outbound calling to 70 countries. Create new numbers for customers to call or staff to call from or utilise our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions that enable customers to call your existing numbers and route them to your remote team.

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