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Call Centers In Philippines – 500+ Clients in AU, US, Europe & UK

We have a proven track record of successfully helping startups, SMEs & large enterprises.

We support Customer Service, Chat Support, Email Support, IT Helpdesk and Outbound Sales teams, in any industry sector.

Build a world-class Call Center through our trusted Philippines Call Center facility based in Cebu City.

We provide everything your business needs to create a state of the art Customer Support, Customer Service, IT Helpdesk, Sales or Tele-sales Call Center to support your organization, with an average cost reduction of 70% when compared to developing the same contact center locally.

Logix BPO is the trusted name in the Call Center Outsourcing Industry providing affordable Philippine Call Center solutions, within state of the art infrastructure and with the most talented Call Center Agents.

Why Call Centers are built with Logix

Our pricing structures are one of the most competitive of any call center facilities in the world. We are affordable, and have not compromise on quality to deliver our trusted Call Center Philippines solution.

Our facilities and infrastructure are state of the art and comparable to any quality call center that could be found in Australia, USA or UK. From the fastest 225-300 MBPS broadband speeds & redundancy systems, the highest spec computers, cheapest VoIP & telephony options, and a wide range of the best software options on the market, very few Call Center Outsourcing Philippines facilities can compare to ours.

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Our Call Center Facilities

Our state of the art facility in Cebu City is home to a wide range of call centers, and business operations for partners across Australia, the USA, UK and the world. We have partners with basic 5 seat operations, to major global contact centers with 500+ seats. Regardless of the size of the partner, every business receives the same world class outsourcing solution, with the best infrastructure, best agents and at an affordable price.

Below are a sample of the facilities available, and the standard amenities all our partners have access to for as low as USD $180 per seat, per month:

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Dedicated Desk/Seat Just $180 Per Month

  • 5We provide 6 x 100 MBPS unique PLDT Fiber line broadband. A total of 600 MBPS.
  • 5We also provide a 225 MPBS RISE Fiber line, which is arguably the best internet in Cebu City. You can speed test from our facility to check the speed
  • 5Our bandwidth is huge with approximately 1 GB available.
  • 5We have a 24/7 backup generator onsite should there be any unexpected power interruptions.
  • 5Utility bills such as electricity and water are completely free.
  • 5We offer all our partners completely free use of conference rooms, training rooms, as well as free onsite parking and free 24/7 onsite security.
  • 5Our facility is fully serviced so all common areas, staff areas and bathrooms are professionally cleaned daily.
  • 5All of our facilities are air conditioned, with brand new 4ton aircon units installed across the facility. We have 24/7 onsite aircon cleaning and maintenance.
  • 5Many rooms are sound proofed with wall carpeting, with the entire facility floor carpeted for additional sound proofing.
  • 5In many of our units we have drop down acoustic ceilings, and in all units, cubicles are carpets for additional sound reduction
  • 5Office furniture is provided for all office units and is all the highest quality office tables, chairs, with additional furniture available on request.

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Philippine Call Center Options

Inbound Call Center Philippines

We operate in a world where consumers have more influence, power and options than they have ever had before; a world that is driven by social media platforms, inpatient consumers and competitive markets.

Offering your customers exceptional, 24/7 customer support will elevate the reputation and trust of your brand significantly, and radically improve the sales performance of your business.

Build your Inbound Call Center with Logix BPO

Outbound Call Center Philippines

Through the Logix state of the art call center facility and infrastructure, your business can reach prospects via experienced, exceptional voice quality agents, and the best call center software on the planet.

Your outbound call center team can conduct research, enrich data, promote to audiences, sell to prospects, follow up on enquiries or perform any other outbound service required.

All of our outbound call center agents are exceptionally skilled in telemarketing, and will elevate your business to new levels.

IT Helpdesk Call Center Philippines

Cebu is home to a wealth of IT, technical, network and support talent pools that are produced from the many world class universities across Cebu every year.

Offshore Help Desks are incredibly effective, not only cost, but due to the talent available to support your customers.

Your company will have access to highly trained, skilled and experienced IT support, and help desk agents, and a smooth up scaling environment that can cater for 1 or 1000 help desk agents to support local, national or global operations.

Business Support Call Center Philippines

Build a team of business support agents in our world class facility in Cebu, Philippines. Your business support call center can perform a wide variety of tasks such as, Data Mining, Data Entry, Electronic Filing, Claims Filing & Claims Processing, Administrative Tasks, Contract Processing, CV Searching and essentially any back off function.

Your business will benefit from skilled back office agents, our experienced management and processes as well as significant cost reductions when compared to hiring the same skills locally, with 0% compromise on quality, delivery or efficiency.

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