Our Virtues - The Logix Way

Ensuring that our clients remote team members operate from a positive, encouraging and exciting working environment is extremely important to us. This is why we have worked hard to develop a culture that motivates team members, a working environment that staff enjoy coming to and thrive within. We firmly believe that the staff of an organisation are the most valuable asset and we strive to ensure that our staff and our clients remote team members enjoy coming to work and feel inspired to deliver their best efforts at all times.


Delivering on Our Virtues

The process of developing our culture and delivering on our key virtues starts right from our recruitment process. During our recruitment processes we endeavor to source candidates that possess not only the technical competences to deliver the tasks but also the personalities that align to our core virtues, culture and beliefs. There is no doubt in our minds that a motivated, honest and loyal workforce that enjoys coming to work will deliver great results all the time; and it is exactly that type of personality and culture we cultivate for our partners at Logix BPO.

A big Welcome to the Logix family

Why "family" is so important to us

One of our core virtues is family. It is a virtue that comes right from the top as our CEO, Anthony Godley, believes nothing is more important than family.

Whilst of course Logix is a business that strives to deliver excellence at all times for its clients, internally we cultivate a culture of trust, support, empathy and reward.

Every month we engage in events, gatherings, meals and team bonding exercises so every team member knows they are more than just a number in an organisation.

From the CEO, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders & Team Members, we all are in this together, to support each other and enjoy our working environment and culture.

Welcoming you to the team

Every new staff member that joins Logix BPO and becomes part of our global remote staffing company is valuable to us.

Our people are the heartbeat of our company and we make sure they feel the Logix love from day one.

Every new team member, whether they are working directly for Logix or one of our global partners receives a welcome hamper as the first step in our nurturing process.

Our goal is to encourage commitment and loyalty by expressing just how much we appreciate everything our team does for our business and our clients.
We all remember at one stage in our lives being the new person to join a company. It is tough, it is stressful and for some can create anxiety. We try our best to reduce that. If you have been selected to join the Logix family, then you have the personality that is going to fit right in, and we will do our best to ensure that new team members, whether they are Logix direct or part of our clients global remote teams, feel part of the team from day one.

Our Commitment to our Staff

Monthly Awards

Every month we reward our best performers that go that extra mile to deliver excellence for our clients and cultivate our culture.

Although every team member is equally important to Logix, those that give that extra effort will not go unseen; we believe in rewarding dedication and commitment.

The awards include:

- Becoming a regularized member of the team after probation
- Stand Out Performers
- Outstanding Customer Support
- Anniversary Awards


Being in employment means being supported by your employer, and at Logix we take this very seriously.

Yes of course, everyone works to earn a living, for that paycheck, but we want our team members to feel extra secure.

Our team members have access to some of the best benefits in the country:

- Above average salaries with regular reviews
- 15 days paid holiday per year
- 5 days paid sick leave per year
- Pag-ibig, SSS & PhilHealth contributions
- Private Health Cover (with additional members available with time served)
- All national holidays off where possible
- Birthday celebrations
- Welcome gifts
- Regular team bonding activities

Birthday Celebrations

Who does not love a good birthday celebration?

There is nothing sadder than coming into work on your birthday and no one knowing.

If it is someone's birthday within our team then everyone is going to know about it.

Expect birthday wishes from everyone, expect an awesome cake, treats, noise and drinks to celebrate the occasion.

Every birthday is a special day. A day to reflect on the previous year, learn, reminisce and look forward to the year ahead.

Our Commitment to our Staff

We are all part of the same team

There are many ways management can inspire the team members of a business. First off it is important that every team member knows they are not just a cog in a wheel, but exceptional, and have been offered positions within Logix because they are exceptional.

Anthony Godley, the CEO of Logix BPO states:

"We are all in this together. We all have equal importance. We are all valuable with the individual skills and experiences we bring to the team, but together as a unified team, we are utterly exceptional"

Afternoon Tea - Bringing a little British tradition into our culture

Our CEO is British and one thing that Brits love to indulge in is some great company and afternoon tea, or high tea as it is sometimes referred to.

It is something we try to organise with teams as often as possible and is a great way to all sit around some treats and tea and forge strong connections.

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