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If your business needs skilled, educated & highly motivated staff, and the sound of saving $45'000 per year for every staff member you hire interests you, then our Virtual Team Solution could be right up your street.

We build your virtual teams, we provide everything your staff needs from IT infrastructure, computers, software, insurance, benefits, wages, holidays...everything, enabling you to simply scale your business and spend your time building your brand.

In our post Covid19 world businesses all over the world have had to adapt to remote working, and guess what... It works! The days of small and medium sized businesses having to spend $100k's per year on offices, infrastructure and the various other costs that come with that are over.

Remote workforces are cost effective, provide business with huge reductions in stress and free up leadership to build their businesses.

At Logix BPO we have everything setup to create your team and deliver all the business critical tasks you need covered so you can focus on developing your business.

Below is a quick reminder of the talented virtual staff members we can bring into your business:

Real Estate Virtual Assistants
Property Management Virtual Assistants
Finance Virtual Assistants
Customer Service Virtual Assistants
Sales Virtual Assistants
IT Support Virtual Assistants
Technical Virtual Assistants
Retail Virtual Assistants
Digital Virtual Assistants
Payroll Virtual Assistants
Web Developers & Designers
Social Media Specialists
Marketing Specialists
Recruitment Consultants
And many more critical and specialist staff members

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