Hire a Bookkeeper in the Philippines

  • 5From just $10 per hour, all inclusive
  • 5Commitment starts from just 4 hours per month
  • 5Hire full time, dedicated Bookkeepers if required
  • 5No lock in contracts - exit anytime
  • 5Highly skilled, fluent English speaking Bookkeepers
  • 5Bookkeepers available to work any time zone & any hours
  • 5Hire bookkeepers skilled in a wide range of software and technology including Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho, Sage, MYOB, FreshBooks, Netsuite, Wave and many others
  • 5Bookkeepers operate within data conscious and state of the art environments

In 2022, Logix BPO became a global leader in providing Virtual Bookkeeping services to partners around the world.

We solve a very common problem. For businesses of all sizes, across any industry sector we are confident that someone in each organisation has searched online for a “Bookkeeper Near Me”, and found either highly expensive but low quality options OR an aggregator website that simply provides a list of Bookkeeping services from third party companies.

Logix exists to provide organisations anywhere in the world with the highest quality and most competitively priced virtual Bookkeeping options, from an Award Winning culture, and within a highly conscious data protection and data privacy environment.

Whether your organisation requires a virtual bookkeeper for just a few hours per month, or is looking to hire virtual bookkeepers on a full time basis, Logix BPO can bring a highly skilled, fluent English speaking virtual Bookkeeper into your business, and provide the state of the art operational infrastructure that ensures retention and success.


If you have ever thought, “I need a bookkeeper”, then please do complete the confidential form below, and we will ensure our CEO personally reaches out to you to discuss hiring a virtual bookkeeper through Logix BPO.

For your security, Logix BPO is highly data conscious. We are GDPR and CCPA compliant. Your data will never be shared.

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Why do so many businesses choose to hire remote bookkeepers through Logix BPO?

Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Hiring a remote bookkeeper through Logix BPO is simple and risk free. Businesses all around the world are utilizing our highly skilled, fluent English speaking Bookkeepers and experiencing a minimum of 100% workload delivery, at a quality level that exceeds local workforces – for most businesses, our remote bookkeeping options are a no brainer.

Let us just remind you of how low risk, and high reward our virtual bookkeeping services are:

  • 5You can hire a remote bookkeeper for as little as 4 hours per month
  • 5You can can hire a bookkeeper for as low as just $10 per hour, fully inclusive of salary, tools, infrastructure, support, HR, payroll, IT, operations and office space
  • 5You can hire a virtual bookkeeper who speaks and writes English fluently, and has experience working in your organizations country of origin
  • 5You attract a "bookkeeper near me", wherever your location is, who has experience in all the tools and local bookkeeping regulations that your business requires
  • 5When you hire a bookkeeper through Logix BPO, you have no long term commitments or employment liability. You work with your bookkeeper on a 30 day rolling basis, and we take care of all your employment liability for you
  • 5Your virtual bookkeeper will operate within a highly data conscious environment, with up to date data protection and data privacy codes of conducts at all times

Our Awards & Recognitions

Exceptional Virtual Bookkeeping

Why hundreds of businesses world wide choose Logix BPO to support their bookkeeping needs…

Bookkeeping Talent


Our bookkeepers operate from state of the art operational infrastructure within our PEZA accredited facilities in Cebu City, Philippines.

Cebu is the perfect location to hire virtual bookkeepers, as the city boasts exceptional educational facilities that enable the workforce to access world class financial educational programs, as well as being the home to some of the world’s most recognised brands.

Cebu has a rich, and diverse bookkeeping talent pool, and has become the number 1 destination in the word for bookkeeping teams, supporting financial processes for businesses all over the world.

Hiring a bookkeeper is simple, risk free and very cost effective – Logix exists within that process to guarantee success, data protection and retention.

If your organization is considering hiring a virtual bookkeeper, please do get in contact with Logix BPO to discuss our Award Winning bookkeeping services, and benefit from our Great Places to Work culture and environments.

Operational Infrastructure


The operational infrastructure at Logix BPO is the best on the market for any virtual bookkeeper.

As a standard, your remote bookkeeper will benefit from the following:

  • 5Modern, high quality furnished office space in IT Park, Cebu City
  • 5Core i5, 12th Gen+, 16GB Ram, Dual Screen PC + Sound Resistant Heads & Web Cams
  • 524/7 onsite IT support for both onsite and remote staff
  • 5Live working environments, with team leaders provided by Logix BPO
  • 5GDPR, CCPA data privacy codes of conducts monitored at all times
  • 5Data protection protocols monitored at all times
  • 5Multiple "Best in class" WIFI and WIFI redundancy systems
  • 5Back up water and electricity generators ensuring the office is storm proof
  • 5Onsite HR, IT, Team Leaders, Support, Training, Finance and Operations teams
  • 5MS365 provided for all virtual bookkeepers
  • 5Onsite pantries in all offices plus shared cafe and coffee shop

Data Protection & Privacy


At Logix BPO, we take data protection and data privacy very seriously – we are a data conscious organisation.

Your virtual bookkeepers will be operational within this data conscious environment, and if supporting European or USA projects, will operate within GDPR and CCPA guidelines.

For all global virtual bookkeeping teams, ensuring the protection of data is supported by the internal Logix BPO teams.

All virtual bookkeepers must access our internal systems before starting any shifts with our partners. Once your bookkeeper is operational within this system, our teams have live visibility on their actions, websites visited and tasks at all times.

Should any actions be taken that fall outside of our data management protocols, a team leader can immediately intervene and lock out a team member if required.

All virtual bookkeepers have to sign and adhere to water tight NDAs before starting employment.

Hiring a bookkeeper through Logix BPO is safe, efficient and highly cost effective.

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So, you have decided ”I need a bookkeeper”

Well you have come to the right place as we have hundreds of skilled bookkeepers available to support your bookkeeping needs, no matter what country you are in, or what time zone you need resource covering.

We have partners all over the world benefitting from our unrivaled virtual bookkeeping services, and we have live success stories that demonstrate our commitment to highly quality, accurate and data conscious bookkeeping.

Outsource Your Bookkeeping – here are the benefits


Cost Reduction: Hire a bookkeeper for 70% cheaper than hiring the same skill set locally

Staff Satisfaction: Our exceptional culture ensures your staff are happy and motivated

Retention: We are a Great Places to Work organisation. We believe staff retention if fundamental to ROI

Flexibility: With no employment laws to worry about, you can scale up or down your team freely

Expert Support: We have financial, accountancy and bookkeeping experts onsite with worldwide knowledge

Infrastructure: Our state of the art infrastructure and hardware can rival any business in the world

Total Tax Experience – A bookkeeping & accountancy success story

If you operate in Washington, USA or perhaps have a business anywhere in Maryland, USA then you probably know the name of Patrice L. Berry, who is a highly experienced and reputable Accounting and Taxation Specialist.

In 2023, Patrice and her business, Total Tax Experience, engaged Logix BPO, through the process of client referral, and tasked us to build and look after her remote Finance & Accountancy team from our facilities in Cebu City, Philippines.

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Reduce 70% on labor costs and up to 90% on operational costs, without compromising quality, delivery, performance and culture.

Our simple and fluid process to establish your remote team in the Philippines is just a few clicks away. Join the 1000’s of businesses across Australia, UK, USA, Europe and Asia that already trust Logix BPO.

We are the future of remote staffing solutions.

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