Why has Logix BPO become a global leader in providing highly skilled Virtual Assistants in the Philippines?

Everyday businesses across Australia, USA, UK, Europe and all over the World choose to build their virtual teams with Logix.

And, everyday more businesses choose Logix over Upwork and other freelancer sites; and it is a smart move when looking to hire skilled virtual assistant.

There are two significant risks that businesses take when they hire a virtual assistant through Upwork or one of the similar freelancer sites.

First, it is common knowledge that freelancers using sites like Upwork take on as many projects as they can at a time. What this means is, in many cases virtual assistants are not fully committed to you and your business.

It is quite typical for these types of freelancers to be flicking between projects many times a day which significantly lowers their efficiency, quality and commitment to your business. Second, many Virtual Assistant freelancers on Upwork and similar websites have been known to subcontract work to even cheaper, less skilled resources, leaving your business and clients at risk of being provided low quality and inaccurate work.

Can your business afford to make these mistakes?

At Logix, we interview, test and background check all Virtual Assistant before they start working with your organisation. They are contracted to your business, and your business alone. We provide your virtual assistant with all the tools they need to succeed such as Laptops and Computers, Software, Hardware, Benefits, Training, Support & Guidance.

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Why businesses choose Logix, NOT Upwork

Hire full time, dedicated and skilled full time Philippines virtual assistants with no long term contracts, and the full operational infrastructure provided by Logix BPO.

The easiest, best priced and safest way to hire a Virtual Assistant into your business.

Choose from over 250k highly experienced remote staff specialists to join your team and reduce your staffing cost by up to 70%..

We provide everything for your Virtual Assistants, including Laptops, Screens, Office Space, Benefits, Software, Hardware, Payroll, Incentives Training & Support; as well as a rewarding and nurturing culture.

All you need to do is select your perfect Virtual Assistant, provide their tasks, monitor delivery and focus on scaling your business.

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Hire a Virtual Assistant the
smart way

We understand as a business owner you are busy running your company and catering for your clients.

Let us take care of the hassle of finding your virtual assistant for you. We simply take a Job Specification from you and we will interview and test dozens of candidates on your behalf and provide you with a shortlist of the very best candidates for you to choose from, or even interview with yourself.

Once you have selected the candidate of your choice, we conduct reference checks, background checks and credit checks, and once passed your virtual assistant is ready to join your team with no lock-in contracts.

Popular Types Of Virtual Assistants

Whatever the skills, experiences and qualifications you need from your Virtual Assistant, Logix can find them for your team.

Your business will save up to 70% by hiring a virtual assistant through Logix when compared to hiring the exact same skill set locally.

Below are just some of the offshore staffing types we have recruited into our partners remote teams:

  • 5Real Estate Virtual Assistants
  • 5Property Management Virtual Assistants
  • 5Finance Virtual Assistants
  • 5Customer Service Virtual Assistants
  • 5Sales Virtual Assistants
  • 5IT Support Virtual Assistants
  • 5Technical Virtual Assistants
  • 5Retail Virtual Assistants
  • 5Digital Virtual Assistants
  • 5Payroll Virtual Assistants
  • 5Accounting Virtual Assistants
  • 5Bookkeeping Virtual Assistants
  • 5Hospitality Virtual Assistants
  • 5Legal Specialist Virtual Assistants
  • 5Recruitment Specialists
  • 5Sourcing Specialists
  • 5Education Virtual Assistants
  • 5Event Planning Virtual Assistants
  • 5Telesales Virtual Assistants
  • 5Customer Service Agents
  • 5Business Development Virtual Assistants
  • 5Appointment Setters Virtual Assistants
  • 5Social Media Specialist Virtual Assistants
  • 5Data Entry Virtual Assistants
  • 5Web Developers
  • 5Graphic Designers
  • 5Social Media Specialists
  • 5Marketing Specialists