Why has Logix BPO become a global leader in Outsourced
Digital, Web Development, Design, and Marketing?

Digital, Creative, Marketing & Technical/IT businesses around the world build their remote digital & technical teams with Logix BPO.

We have over 250 digital & technical team members in operation globally, and a state of the art operational infrastructure that ensures that our outsourced digital teams are highly efficient, and deliver exceptional ROI for our partners.

Whether your business is a startup looking for a single remote digital resource, or a global brand looking to build an entire remote digital team; at Logix BPO we have the experience, infrastructure and know-how to not only launch your remote team, but ensure success.

Our digital outsourcing and IT outsourcing personnel range in technical knowledge and discipline.

We have Front End Developers, Back End Developers, and Full Stack Developers operating globally. Our Web Design outsourcing teams include Web Designers, Graphic Designer, 3D Designers, Video Producers and Art Directors. We also have Outsourced Marketing and Outsourced Content teams that include sEO Specialists, Paid Ad Specialists, Social Media Marketing Specialist and highly skilled Content Writers.

Our IT Support teams operate 24/7 too, and include skilled Technical Support Engineers, System Analysts, Systems Administrators, Network Engineers and Security Experts.

Whatever remote digital skills you require for your business, we have the resources available to join your team.

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Benefits of building your remote digital & IT teams with Logix RPO

Exceptional Talent

Gain access to millions of talented candidates

Thorough Onboarding

We ensure your team members hit the ground running


Easily scale your team up or down as demand requires


A legally compliant process backed by accreditations

24/7 Operations

Outsourced accounting & finance teams that can work any time zone

Free Training

We will provide training on your tools, CRMs and verticals

24/7 Enterprise Security

Latest in data protection and privacy protocols

Dedicated Team Leader

A dedicated team leader will ensure your team deliver results

No Employee Liability

We provide the employee liability insurances

No Office Costs

We provide your team with exceptional working environments

No HR Costs

We provide HR, Payroll, Contract Management and Benefits

IT Infrastructure

We provide 24/7 IT support, software and hardware

Outsourced Web Development & Software Engineering Teams

Our global partners have a diverse range of outsourced Web Development and Software Engineering resource types in operation within the Logix framework.

Across Web Development, we provide an exceptional operational infrastructure that ensures your remote Web Development teams are highly supported, and operating within a structured and efficient environment.

We can provide your business with expert Web Development expertise across an exhaustive spectrum of languages and systems.

We can source:

  • 5Front End Web Developers
  • 5Back End Web Developers
  • 5Full Stack Web Developers
  • 5iOS Developers
  • 5Android Developers
  • 5Software Engineers

There is no restriction in the experience, knowledge or particular languages, databases or applications that you need your Web or Software Developer to have.

Our talent pools are rich with fluent English speaking, highly skilled and professional remote Web Development specialists ready to join your remote global teams through Logix BPO.


Hire exceptional finance and accounting talent in the Philippines.

The journey starts with a no obligation discovery call.

Say hello to some recently hired web development talents:

Hi, my name is Jay. I am a Front End Developer with exceptional knowledge of XHTML, CSS3, JQuery, AJAX, JavaScript. I can create highly responsive user interfaces in WordPress or in custom development environments.

Hi, my name is Franco. Over the past 5 years I have been working as a Full Stack Developer. I have a background in PHP, but over the past 2 years I have been using React.js, Node.js and SQL in an Agile environment.


Hire exceptional digital, web design & graphic design talent in the Philippines.

The journey starts with a no obligation discovery call.

Say hello to some recently hired web & graphic design talents:

Hey, my name is Raul. I started web & graphic designing when I was 18 years old. I have a BA of Arts in Graphic Design and now nearly 8 years experience conceptualizing high experience website pages and exceptional supporting graphics.

Hi, my name is Hermie. I am a CAD Designer, with a specialism in Microvellum. I have been using Microvellum for 2 years and currently work with Logix BPO on an Australian Microvellum Design project.

Outsourced Web & Graphic Design Teams

Whether you’re looking for a Web Designer, Graphic Designer, 3D Modeling Designer, CAD Designer or even Art Director, we have exceptional resources available in our talent pools.

Logix BPO offers extremely competitive rates to hire skilled remote design team members through our outsourced designer services.

We have web & graphic design teams in operation globally, ranging from junior to mid-weight and senior resources, all on flexible rolling 30 day arrangements.

We can source:

  • 5Web Designers
  • 5Graphic Designers
  • 53D Designers
  • 5CAD Designers
  • 5Artists
  • 5Art Directors

Our outsourced graphic design options are globally renowned, and utilised by digital & creative agencies, as well as corporate businesses all over the world.

There are no restrictions on the type of design resource we can bring into your remote team with Logix BPO.

Simply book a discovery call and start the outsourced graphic design journey today.

Outsourced Marketing (SEO, SEM, Social Media & Paid Ads) Teams

We have outsourced marketing specialists in operation with partners all over the world.

From Social Media Specialists, Search Engine Optimisation Specialists, to Google Ads & SMM Ad Managers; there really is no restriction on the types of marketing resources we can bring into your remote team with us.

If you are looking for a Marketing Generalist, no problem, our talent pools are rich with exceptional marketing talent, all available on 30 day rolling arrangements, supported by state of the art infrastructure provided by Logix BPO.

Outsourced marketing is a growing trend, utilised by marketing agencies and corporate business worldwide. Our outsourced marketing options are well priced, and highly successful operations.

We can source:

  • 5Social Media Managers
  • 5Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists
  • 5Google Paid Ads Specialists
  • 5Social Media Paid Ads Specialists
  • 5SEM Specialists
  • 5General Marketing Specialists

It all starts with a no obligation discovery call. You can even view profiles and interview candidates with no pressure to engage in a remote team with us.


Hire exceptional digital marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, SEM & paid ad talent in the Philippines.

The journey starts with a no obligation discovery call.

Say hello to some recently hired digital marketing talents:

Hi, I am Maria. I have 7 years social media management experience, and have an excellent track record in building highly engaged audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok and other channels too.

Hello, my name is John. From 2016 I have been managing paid ad campaigns across Google and social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. I am highly analytical, and enjoy the daily management of paid ad campaigns to ensure a high ROI.


Hire exceptional digital, content and copy writing talent in the Philippines.

The journey starts with a no obligation discovery call.

Say hello to some recently hired content writing talents:

Hey, I am Reyna. I love writing content. It’s my passion and I have been doing so for many years now. I have experience writing content for Australian, UK and USA based businesses. My content has been syndicated onto global platforms.

Hello, my name is Geraldine. I have been blogging on Youtube for 6 years. I have created millions of likes through my videos and Youtube marketing. I am a blogger and video producer, but also love to create compelling copy too.

Outsourced Content Writing & Copy Production Teams

Outsourced content writing is a challenging proposition with many businesses around the world concerned about language barriers and quality of copy.

At Logix, we ensure that all content writers pass through a rigorous talent acquisition process before they are placed in our talent pools. This process includes a comprehensive English written and verbal assessment which ensures they have the right levels of English comprehension to work on our partners remote outsourced content teams.

We have copywriters, social media content writers, bloggers and journalists in operation worldwide delivering world class copy for our partners.

We can source:

  • 5Copy Writers
  • 5Content Production Specialists
  • 5Social Media Content Specialists
  • 5Journalists
  • 5Bloggers
  • 5Video Producers

And much more. Many of our partners have General Content Specialist Virtual Assistants that have experience in all the above specialisms.

Outsourced IT Supports & IT Consultancy Teams

One of the most in demand skill sets requested by our consultancy and BPO partners covers IT Support, Tech Support, Infrastructure & Network expertise as well as general IT specialists.

Whether your business needs skilled Technical Support Agents to support inbound call center & outbound call center functions, or to work directly with your business teams and customers, we can source highly skilled IT, Technical Support and Call Centre staff to join your remote team with Logix BPO:

We can source:

  • 5Technical Support Agent
  • 5IT Support Specialists
  • 5General IT Experts
  • 5Network Engineers
  • 5IT Infrastructure Specialists
  • 5Desktop Support Engineers

Logix provides state of the art IT, and Operational Infrastructure for your remote IT teams, whether they are part of call center functions or operating directly with your business.

Build your technical support, desktop support or general IT support call center teams, or develop your general IT specialists remote team, with Logix BPO.


Hire exceptional IT, Network, Infrastructure & Technical Support talent in the Philippines.

The journey starts with a no obligation discovery call.

Say hello to some recently hired IT support talents:

Hey there, I am Joseph. I have worked in BPO for more than 10 years as a specialist technical support agent, and desktop support agent. I have supported businesses all over the world.

Hello, my name is Alex. I am a CCNA accredited network support specialist. I design complex local area networks as well as wide area networks. I have 7 years experience.

Hire exceptional outsourced marketing & digital talent in the Philippines.

The journey starts with a no obligation discovery call.

Book a call with our remote marketing staffing specialists and discover the wide range of functions that our outsourced marketing & digital specialists can support for your business.

Our experienced Web Developers, Designers, Social Media & SEO Experts, Content Writers & Technical Support Agents are just a call away.