How You Should Measure Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

As of January 2021, there are 20.50 million social media users in Australia, a number that’s roughly 79.9% of the country’s total population. It comes as no wonder that business owners and marketers are intensifying their social media marketing efforts. It’s not just about doing simple online advertising anymore—social media marketing goes beyond that. More than the exposure, engaging potential and existing customers, getting their trust, and eventually turning them into loyal customers are just some of the goals.

Perhaps you‘ve been launching digital marketing campaigns for months or even years now. How do you know it’s working for you? You need to know how to measure your social media marketing strategies if you are on different platforms, so you’ll know which ones are working, what the risks are, and be able to take action and make changes when necessary.

Of course, this is a tad more challenging as each platform has its own set of metrics. That said, it’s crucial for you as a business owner to be able to identify KPIs or key performance indicators for your marketing strategies on social media:

Social Media Marketing KPIs You Need to Watch

Here are the basic key performance indicators that you need to monitor:

Clicks – Clicks on your posts tell you that the titles and pictures you use are engaging the audience. However, they’re not an indication that you have nailed the delivery of the message you want the audience to receive.

Likes – Likes, hearts, and other reactions mean your followers approve of your posts. These also boost your visibility and even increase your followers.

Shares – Also helpful in boosting awareness and engagement, shares and retweets mean people are standing behind your posts and, in extension, your brand.

Comments – Perhaps one of the most important KPIs is the comments. People leaving comments is a sign that not only have people really engaged with your post but that they’re good enough to warrant a response from your audience.

How to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

To help you figure out whether what you’re doing is working or not, here are some helpful tips on how you can measure your strategies:

Review Your Goals

The first step is to reevaluate your objectives. You want to be sure that you are working towards measurable and realistic goals. Be as specific as you can, too. Because social media platforms can be used in different ways, you should create a list of what it is you want to achieve from each platform, too.

Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools for digital marketing tools can help you gather accurate data and assess whether your strategies are working or not. Some of the popular tools include Hootsuite, Keyhole, Tailwind, Buffer, and Sprout Social, among others.


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Set Your Own Metrics

Aside from the KPIs mentioned, you should also have your metrics that are aligned with your specific goals. For instance, if you are focused on generating traffic to your site, you should track URL shares, conversions, and clicks.

Monitor and Report

Always do a report when you are done measuring your performance for the month or the quarter. Having things on record will give you something to compare to in the future. As you do it, come up with actionable solutions that could help you improve your approach to social media marketing, too.


As any social media marketing training will tell you, measurement plays a big role in your strategies because it’s the only way you’ll know for sure that you’re on the right track. By knowing your KPIs and your own metrics based on your goals, you’ll know exactly what you should be looking for and what changes you should be making to improve your campaigns.

Social media marketing is not easy, especially if you need to take care of other aspects of your business, too. For that reason, it’s advisable that you seek social media management n Queensland from Logix BPO and hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant. We can handle all social media-related tasks for you, from planning to measuring performance and everything in between.

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