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Case Study – Hack a Job

Return on investment summary

By building a highly skilled recruitment and sourcing team through our global RPO solution, Hack a Job are able to:

  • 5Reduce employment costs by 66%
  • 5Tap into a new, highly skilled talent pool
  • 5Reduce employment risk by entering into a no-lock in outsourcing agreement and eradicate employment liabilities
  • 5Expand their remote operations, risk free
  • 5Generate significant placement revenues through sourcing and data development activities provided by their remote team members

The Company

In the world of technology recruitment across the UK and the USA, you would have heard the name Hack a Job.

Founded in 2014 by Mark Chaffey and Razvan Creanga, Hack a Job has excelled as a global technology recruitment brand, delivering technical talent through strengths-based matching.

In 2023, Hack a Job secured its Series B Funding of $25M which will enable them to come out of their Beta phase across the USA, and radically scale their UK operations.

The Relationship

In August 2022, Logix BPO were engaged by Hack a Job to build a remote sourcing and data development team, that would help Hack a Job increase their presence across the USA, and scale their UK operations.

From the inception of the relationship, a fluid process was implemented which provided Hack a Job with a level of visibility and transparency they had previously not experienced within an outsourcing capacity. Both Logix & Hack a Job worked side by side, in an integrated solution that delivered immediate success.

The remote team quickly scaled from 3 recruitment sourcing specialists, to 12 recruitment sourcing specialists and a team of 6 data development specialists, that together enabled Hack a Job to quickly build market share in the USA.

The Achievements

150% delivery of CVs added to ATS, and data development targets month on month

Delivered beyond expectations in candidate interviews booked and placements made

Employment costs reduced by 66% not including operational cost reduction

In part due to the performance of the remote team, a stronger position held in the USA market

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