Email Marketing in the Pandemic – Why You Must Take Advantage of It

Email marketing has always been there. It is one of the many marketing options—and probably one of the simplest to do—but it is often undervalued and foregone. However, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, this marketing platform proved its hidden strength! If you are curious or want to know more about email marketing status today and how it can help your business, this article is for you.

Email marketing is not as popular as other forms of digital marketing, mainly because of how it works. Compared to different online platforms, it works quietly by creating a more intimate relationship between a consumer and a brand! That very definition is what makes it a strong platform at this time of crisis, when people cannot freely go out and have more time in their hands.

How Email Marketing’s Performance Increased Amidst COVID

Here are some changes in consumer behavior that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic that made email marketing great again:

  • Email Was the Only Way to Create a Personal Relationship with the Customers

Now that businesses do not have much choice when reaching out to their customers, email marketing is their best resort for tapping into their customer’s lives and building the relationship again. More companies once again started utilising their email marketing platform to check how their customers are doing and give them exclusive promos and discounts directly.

  • More People Opened Their Email During the Pandemic Than They Used To

The pandemic is the time when most countries in the world experienced a lockdown for months. People were forced to stay inside their homes to prevent the virus surge. For that reason, more people got stuck inside their houses with only the internet to use to communicate with other people.

Email is also the most used communication platform for work. That made the higher click rates for email marketing possible! All the reminders and safety precautions were sent over people’s email—and the customers and employees who wanted to stay updated could easily get the latest news through their emails.

  • More People Turned to Online Shopping

The spike was more felt in the online shopping industry. Because people cannot go out freely to shop for what they need, they relied on online purchases and deliveries. Many of them are first-timers too who need all the advice they can get.

This fact opened up their interest in email marketing. They get exclusive news and promotions, product discovery, and a detailed description of the items they are eyeing from the stores they follow.

  • Fewer Followers Unsubscribed

There is a drop in the unsubscribe rates as well. To give you an idea, the most common reason for people’s un-subscription is the increase in the number of emails they receive. However, given the situation, people value the information they get more than the number of emails they needed to face every day!

  • It Was a Simpler Approach to Consumer-Business Relationships

Email marketing is a more personal way to deal with customers—and some brands used this platform to connect with their customers again. Some gave comfort to their customers and provided ways to help them, which the customers find valuable. The brands that embraced the power of email marketing and used it to build a better relationship with their customers are the current brands thriving in the situation.

The Bottom Line

These changes and patterns observed throughout the heights of the pandemic are expected to last for quite a while. Businesses can use this information to their advantage and redesign their marketing strategies to what would work best for their consumers. People have different behaviors—but a powerful tool like email marketing can help brands connect with their customers better.

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