Outsourced Digital Team | 5+ Remote Team Members | Australia

Case Study – Campaigns You Love

Return on investment summary

By building a highly skilled outsourced Digital Marketing team, Campaigns You Love was able to:

  • 5Hire skilled web developers with an average salary cost reduction of 65%
  • 5Hire skilled, fluent English speaking content writers with an average salary reduction of 60%
  • 5Hire talented web & graphic designers with an average salary reduction of 60%
  • 5Access a highly skilled talent pool, at a fraction of the cost of local workforce

The Company

Campaigns You Love are a full service digital marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia. They offer the full range of digital solutions from web design & build, paid ads management to social media management and content writing.

Like many digital agencies in Australia and around the world, local & cost effective staffing options are hard to find, with Brisbane, like many other cities in Australia and around the world suffering from skill shortages and highly elevated employment costs due to economic inflation.

Campaigns You Love made the sensible decision of building a highly skilled remote workforce with Logix BPO.

The Relationship

In January 2022, Logix BPO was engaged by Campaigns You Love to start the development of a remote digital team, that would slowly take over multiple operations and workloads from their Australian team.

Whilst leadership level team members are still based in Australia, Campaigns You Love successfully hired Web Developers, Web & Graphic Designers, Paid Ad Specialists and Content Writers, who support a wide range of Australian and global clients.

The partnership between Logix BPO & Campaigns You Love has experienced both success and longevity.

The Achievements

65% cost reduction when hiring web developers

60% cost reduction when hiring content writers

60% cost reduction when hiring web and graphic designers

Access to highly skilled and highly dedicated new talent pool and workforce

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