The wide range of tasks a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can take on

The values that a skilled Real Estate Virtual Assistant brings to a Real Estate Agency is difficult to quantify; there are almost an endless list of tasks that a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can take on, and an extensive list of commercial benefits that follow.

It is a common issue for Real Estate Agents and Leadership Teams to become bogged down with repetitive and mundane tasks, such as document preparation, administrative tasks and managing property portfolio documents and website listings.

What these mundane and repetitive tasks do is lower the efficiency of Real Estate Agencies and the productivity of the Real Estate Agents that work within them.

These tasks are what we refer to as low value tasks, and whilst they do need to be done and are important within the agency’s functions, they are generally tasks that being delivered of a Real Estate Agents hourly operational cost, which is generally far too high for such basic, repetitive tasks.

The Real Estate Agent should be spending their time doing what they do best; getting properties leased or sold.

There is an exhaustive list of tasks a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can remove from your teams shoulders.

Below are some of tasks Real Estate Virtual Assistants can deliver

  • Conduct outbound sales calls from pre-defined lists or conduct research to source prospects to call
  • Book appointments for agents to attend property appraisals
  • Receive inbound customer service calls, inbound sales calls, and field calls to the correct person
  • Conduct email marketing to prospect lists or through eMarketing tools such as Mailchimp
  • Manage calendars for leadership teams or agents’ improving organisational efficiency
  • Filter inbound emails ensuring the right agents receive the correct emails, removing and blocking spam and responding to certain email types with pre-defined templates
  • Preparing a wide range of materials such as property presentations, marketing collateral and templates
  • Act as the direct support for agents when they become overflowed with tasks
  • Control document filing and administration as well as be the point of contact for proving documents for agents and managing the filing system
  • Manage the website content, updating content and editing/managing property listings
  • Help manage social media accounts, respond to inbound messages, share contact, publish content into schedules and share properties across channels and community groups
  • Produce and share content such as blog posts, property posts etc
  • Support basic accountancy tasks such as producing cashflow statements, basic bookkeeping, or basic payroll tasks
  • Support Human Resource functions such as posting job advertisements, searching job boards for CVs, filtering CVs, and creating shortlists, creating onboarding tasks
  • Conduct market research to ensure latest trends in the market are being capitalised on, industry news is being shared across the team, average property price research, and conducting competitor analysis
  • Helping produce contracts and other legal documents through the lease and sales process
  • Managing and updating the CRM

Through Logix BPO, your Real Estate Agency can hire a full time, highly skilled and experienced Real Estate Virtual Assistant for as little as $9 Per Hour, which equates to just $1450.00 per month.

Why many Real Estate Agencies around the world are choosing to hire Real Estate Virtual Assistants through the Logix BPO Virtual Assistant Hub is because we provide everything your Virtual Assistant needs to succeed.

We ensure your Virtual Assistant is well looked after, motivated, dedicated and committed.

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All our Virtual Assistants are provided with the following, which comes at no additional costs to our Real Estate Partners when they hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistants through the Logix BPO Virtual Assistant Hub:

  • Full Contract Management
  • Access to VoIP Telephony
  • Time Keeping Logs
  • Productivity Reports
  • Project Management Software
  • Full Payroll Service
  • Employee Benefit Contributions
  • Offsite IT Support
  • High-Grade Fiber Optic Internet
  • Onsite Human Resources
  • Access to HRIS Software
  • Client Success Manager
  • Employee Welcome Hamper
  • High Spec PC/Laptop Provided
  • Full Onsite Data Security/Backup
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Access to CEO
  • Daily & Weekly Check-ins
  • Monthly 1on1 Coaching Sessions
  • KPI & Success Management
  • Face to Face Upskilling & Training

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