Logix BPO – Philippine Outsourcing Trends, News, and Updates – July 2023

Logix BPO – Philippine Outsourcing Trends, News, and Updates – July 2023

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines has been a vital contributor to the country’s economy. It has compelled businesses from around the world to seek cost-effective and high-quality services in the country.

As we delve into the key highlights of Philippine outsourcing for July 2023, we will explore the latest trends, news, and updates shaping the industry. Drawing insights from reputable sources. From the information gathered here, readers can gain valuable perspectives on the growth and evolution of various outsourcing sectors in the Philippines.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector

The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed a remarkable surge in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. While a lot of countries in the region benefited from this, the Philippines remains at the forefront as a top outsourcing destination.

According to Research and Markets, July 2023 saw continued growth in the Philippine BPO industry. This comes with several multinational companies expanding their operations and leveraging the country’s skilled workforce and language capabilities.

This report, which is titled Asia-Pacific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Market Report 2023-2033, shows just what the future has in store for this industry in the country. The BPO market in the Philippines has expanded beyond traditional call centre services, integrating other outsourcing offerings. This diversification has led to a broader spectrum of employment opportunities and a stronger talent pool.

Companies are increasingly outsourcing a wide range of back-office functions, like outsourced accounting, outsourced digital marketing, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Also, part of this list is human resources outsourcing (HRO) and customer support.

Still one of the most sought-after outsourced services in the country is virtual assistance, with approximately one out of every 8 VAs being from the Philippines. This is due primarily to the high literacy rate of the country, which has helped make the archipelago the number one place to look for competent Virtual Assistants worldwide.

Logix BPO is one of the companies that offer this diversified list of outsourced jobs, making it one of the companies that are frequently tapped for highly skilled and qualified workers for a variety of BPO jobs.

Information Technology (IT) Outsourcing

The IT outsourcing market in the Philippines has witnessed significant growth in recent years, and it is projected to continue its upward trajectory. Digital Journal reports that the IT outsourcing market is expected to experience substantial growth in the upcoming years. This is driven by the country’s expertise in software development and tech support services.

As of July 2023, the Philippine IT outsourcing sector saw an increased demand for cutting-edge solutions, which include artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity services. Global companies are turning to Philippine IT outsourcing providers for innovative and agile solutions. This helps solidify the country’s position as a competitive player in the global IT outsourcing landscape.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Professional Services

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Professional Services have emerged as essential segments within the Philippine outsourcing industry. The news on the growth and diversification of the KPO sector in July 2023 comes with particular emphasis on finance, legal, and healthcare outsourcing services.

The Philippine KPO sector has evolved from providing transactional services to offering specialized, high-value solutions. Companies are leveraging the country’s educated workforce and domain expertise to meet the complex requirements of global clients. As businesses increasingly outsource knowledge-intensive functions, the Philippine KPO industry is expected to expand further in the coming years.

Outsourcing to the Philippine Provinces

While Metro Manila has traditionally been the primary hub for outsourcing operations in the Philippines, there has been a notable shift towards outsourcing to provincial areas. Several provinces are experiencing a surge in outsourcing activities, offering companies an attractive alternative to the capital city.

For example, the province of Dalaguete in Cebu has recently opened its first BPO centre, located in a three-story building and inaugurated by the province’s Governor, Gwen Garcia, as well as the mayor of Dalaguete, Ronald Cesante. This move shows that expanding towards provincial locations is the next move for BPOs in the country, with the hopes of providing more stable and well-paying jobs to locals.

These provincial areas entice businesses to put up shop within their borders, so to speak, with competitive incentives, improved infrastructure, and better connectivity. This trend promotes more equitable regional development while also addressing the challenges posed by congestion in urban centres. As the outsourcing landscape continues to evolve, provincial areas are becoming significant players in the industry.

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Remote Work and Hybrid Models

As mentioned in a previous piece we published here on the site, the COVID-19 pandemic catalysed a transformation in work practices. This prompted outsourcing companies to embrace remote work and hybrid models.

The pandemic’s impact on the outsourcing industry shows how companies have adapted to remote work setups and explored hybrid models that combine remote and on-site work. Logix BPO is one such company that has embraced this model, with employees and outsourced workers doing their tasks from home all over the country.

Remote work has allowed companies to tap into a broader talent pool, including individuals from rural areas and those with specialized skills residing outside urban centres. While it has brought advantages such as increased productivity and cost savings, this isn’t without challenges.

Issues related to cybersecurity and team collaboration have emerged from such a shift. Companies, however, are proactively addressing these concerns to ensure the continued success of remote and hybrid outsourcing models.

Regulatory and Policy Updates

The Philippine government has been proactive in supporting the outsourcing industry, with updates on regulations and incentives for outsourcing companies. The sector’s contribution to the economy has led to ongoing efforts to create a conducive environment for outsourcing businesses.

In reports from reliable sources for July 2023, updates in tax regulations and incentives were introduced to attract further investments. Labour and employment updates were also implemented to ensure the welfare of outsourcing professionals and foster a stable and skilled workforce.

Talent and Skills Development

To remain competitive in the global outsourcing landscape, the Philippines has been investing in talent development. Various training and upskilling programs have been launched to equip outsourcing professionals with cutting-edge skills and knowledge.

Provincial initiatives to educate people on jobs that can be done from home, and with the use of a computer, have also been initiated in the past years. This is to increase the number of skilled individuals that can be tapped for outsourced work.

Collaborations between academic institutions and industry players have also played a crucial role in building a highly skilled and adaptable outsourcing workforce. The emphasis on continuous learning and skill enhancement has positioned the Philippine outsourcing industry as a provider of top-notch talent.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices have been gaining prominence in the outsourcing industry. Companies are recognizing the importance of aligning their operations with ethical and environmental values.

ESG-driven outsourcing firms are being recognized and awarded for their commitment to sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility. As clients increasingly consider ESG factors when choosing outsourcing partners, companies that adopt these practices gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Industry Events and Conferences

Early 2023 up to July of this year witnessed several noteworthy outsourcing-related events, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities for industry players. Conferences and seminars served as platforms for discussing emerging trends, challenges, and best practices to navigate the ever-changing outsourcing landscape.

These events facilitated knowledge sharing and collaboration among industry stakeholders, contributing to the industry’s overall growth and development.

Also included in these events are job fairs and seminars that help teach people how to prepare themselves for outsourced work as well as to find these jobs. Some of these job fairs were held in provincial locales like Iloilo, Bacolod, and Pampanga. Not to be left behind, a nationwide job fair was also launched in the nation’s capital, which was held in SMX Manila.

How the BPO Industry Fared in July 2023

The Philippine outsourcing industry has proven its mettle in July 2023, demonstrating robust growth and adaptability. With an expanding BPO sector, a thriving IT outsourcing market, and a growing emphasis on KPO and professional services, the Philippines remains a top choice for global outsourcing needs.

The industry’s willingness to embrace remote work and hybrid models has broadened opportunities for both businesses and professionals, while provincial areas emerge as competitive outsourcing hubs. Continued government support, talent development initiatives, and the integration of ESG practices contribute to the industry’s continued success.

As the outsourcing landscape evolves, staying informed about the latest trends, news, and updates is critical for industry stakeholders to make informed decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities. The Philippine outsourcing industry is poised for sustained growth and excellence on the global stage, solidifying its position as a premier outsourcing destination.

Logix BPO and Its Role in the BPO Industry in July 2023

In the middle of all these, Logix BPO has stood its ground as one of the companies that provide highly skilled outsourced workers and services. Aside from virtual assistants and recruitment process outsourcing, the company is continuously expanding to help create more jobs for the populace.

It should also be noted that not only is Logix BPO expanding to accommodate more diverse outsourcing jobs, but it’s also doing so with the assurance that people get paid what they’re worth. This has led to a high satisfaction rating from its employees and to the awarding of a Best Places to Work certification for 2023.