Logix Talent of the Month – Venice Dumagan – The Quirky, Fun-Loving, Wordsmith and Recruiter with Artistic Tendencies

Meet the Team: Logix Talent of the Month – Venice Dumagan – The Quirky, Fun-Loving, Wordsmith and Recruiter with Artistic Tendencies

This is the third piece in our series of interviews with selected members of our amazing Logix BPO team. These articles are aimed at showing everyone why Logix is a company that’s a cut above the rest and why those who belong to this collective enjoy being part of the Logix BPO family.

In the first two “Meet the Team” articles, we’ve talked with two of the guys who rose to the challenge of becoming talent of the month. This time around, we’re talking to the woman who has captured the title of Talent of the Month for August. Her name is Ven.

Ven, which is short for Venice, is as multi-faceted as the city she’s named after. Aside from being great with words, she’s also known to dabble in artistic endeavours, mostly digital, and loves taking on challenges. Oh, and she has a wacky sense of humour too!  This Senior Sourcing Specialist is a Psych grad who is also a whiz at marketing and is someone who apparently found her calling at Logix BPO.

  1. Hi. So, you’re the employee of the month for August. Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

 Ven: Hey, my name is Ven! I’m turning 27 this year and am a true-blue Cebuana, born and raised here on the island. I’m currently single, but hopefully not for long, haha! I have a degree in Psychology, which is often the course that people take when they’re thinking of entering the world of human resources and recruitment, which is what I do right now. However, my first job wasn’t in this field. It was actually in marketing.

  1. Oh, that’s interesting. What made you shift to your current post at Logix BPO?

Ven: I kinda found marketing, well the kind I was doing then anyway, rather boring. It was so monotonous, you just had to copy and paste then copy and paste, and that was it! When I looked for another position, I found this post in Logix for someone in recruitment and the rest, as they say, is history!

  1. But didn’t you say that your current position has you doing a bit of marketing work too?

Ven: Yes. But there’s a huge difference between what I do now and what I did then. In Creative Natives, my marketing work lets me explore my creative side! I mean, the company name says it all, right?  I get to create amazing social media posts, paid ads, and other digital marketing materials to help increase our social media presence.

It all began with me accepting the challenge to take on this new task (which I knew very little about, by the way), and I learned along the way. Now, we do a lot of social media content. I started to use my graphic design skills to make cute little graphics for my posts and even tried out some carousel LinkedIn posts to spice things up.

Late last year, I learned how to do videos to further improve our service offering. This ended up being an important feature in our new retained service and I’m proud to say, my work has been complimented by quite a few advertising agencies in Australia, haha.

Wouldn’t you believe it, I enjoyed the task so much (and some of the accolades I got from it) that I decided to level my skills up by learning more about it – in school! I’m currently taking free video production and graphic design classes at the UPOU (University of the Philippines Open University) to further enhance what I’m doing and to give myself the chance to up my game, so to speak.

  1. Where does the recruitment part come into all this?

Ven: Oh, yeah, I still do recruitment tasks when I’m called on to do them. I do interviews, sourcing, and client management when required. I love it since it gives me something different to do every day. One day I’m interviewing, then the next day, I’m creating content, then another day, I’m doing graphics or practising my artistry for marketing.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to stay in this field for too long. Because I easily get bored just doing one thing (character flaw, I know!). But what I do now is so varied, there’s just no time to be bored! Every day is different with this job. You get to meet new people regularly and there’s never a dull moment. Just what I need to keep me, um, sane, haha.

  1. Impressive! It shows that you do step up to the challenge, and then some! Anyway, can you tell us about your goals for the future – short-term and long-term?

Ven: Ooooh, I have both long and short-term goals for my personal and professional life, My short-term goal for my personal life is to get Lasik surgery, and no, I’m not joking! I need to get 20/20-vision, to see my future better, haha. But seriously, I’m planning on doing this before the end of the year or early next year.

As for my long-term personal goal, I would love to get a place of my own! I’m already working towards that and have started making payments toward a property that I can soon call my home, BUT it’s still in the pre-selling stage, so it’s still in the works. Maybe they’ll let me live in the model unit while waiting for the development? Hahaha, what do you think? Haha!

Professionally, my short-term aspiration is to help Creative Natives hit their business targets as much as possible, and to watch them grow!

My long-term professional goal is to eventually become a 360 recruiter (from business development, and client management, on through to candidate start dates and catch-ups).


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  1. That’s an impressive list of goals, some practical and some truly admirable. How do you align these goals with your role within Logix BPO and how do you plan to achieve them?

Ven: Well, for starters, getting Lasik will help me see things better, which will only help me improve what I do and help me avoid eye strain while I work. This will then compel me to work better and harder, which can only benefit me and the companies I’m currently serving.

The goal to have a place of my own is also another thing that will benefit the company in the long run since it will give me enough space to create a home office separate from the bedroom. No more enticing bed calling on me to lay my head down on my soft pillow. Haha! That will definitely help me with productivity.

Now, how do I plan to achieve these? I try to follow a schedule. I do calendar and time blocking. It works for me, but it might not work for you. I can keep myself on track by seeing my schedule right in front of me. I’m a tad forgetful and work better when I can visualize what I need to do next, hence the need to have my calendar open in front of me constantly. I also take down notes that will remind me what to do next on a checklist. As soon as I’m done with one task, I check that off and move on to the next. That way, I don’t miss anything.

  1. I actually do that too. Hahaha. It works for me too. Anyway, back to you. Why did you choose to work for Logix and why do you think it’s a company that’s unlike any other?

Ven: Truth be told, I joined Logix because I have friends who work here. Haha! Former workmates, classmates, friends, oh, and my boyfriend, all invited me to apply, so I did, and here I am! It’s always good to be in a sort of familiar place with familiar faces. Makes it easier to transition into something new.

As for the company being unlike any other in the industry, it’s because the people in Logix BPO try their best to make it so! I think our social media presence is also pretty different from others. With Anne, we’ve had a boost in our TikTok presence, and we’ve been getting more exposure in events within the recruitment/outsourcing space. Pretty good work, also with the recent Great Places to Work badge we got.

Might I also mention that Logix BPO is the only employer I’ve worked with that has weekly activities, haha. I always look forward to the Friday games! A little goes a long way!

  1. Let’s talk about work-life balance, shall we? Since you mentioned the Great Places to Work award, which rewards companies that strive to promote just that – work-life balance – among other things, how do you balance your own life? Also, do you have any hobbies or other interests outside of work?

Ven: Working from home, that can be rather tricky. One of the things I do to try and balance work and personal life is to set a clear boundary when work starts and when it ends. I set a target of things to do on a daily basis and make sure to finish that on the set deadline.

Usually, I finish all that needs to be done on the day. If not, I do a maximum of 2 hours extra to finish everything on my list. If that doesn’t work, I tell myself to stop since it won’t do me any good either if I push myself beyond the limit that I set for myself. I then add the remaining tasks to my list of things to go over the next day.

As for hobbies, I don’t really have those. Haha! I function more in “obsession phases.” Right now, I’m obsessed with watching tech reviews and productivity hacks. I’ve also picked up how to use Procreate and Davinci Resolve. All these artistic/creative pursuits are pretty useful to my current role as I make videos and animations.

  1. You really are focused on improving your skill set for your current company and task! Kudos to you on that! I think that’s all the time we have for this interview. Before we go, however, anything you want to say about the future of Logix BPO, your future in it, and your current work?

Ven: I’m super happy with my client, Creative Natives. Best employer that I’ve had so far, and they really treat me like one of the team, even when we’re oceans apart I’m hopeful that we will be hiring again soon and would love to have someone here in Cebu to work with again!

As for the future of Logix BPO and what excites me the most about it, I’m excited about our planned get-together by the end of this year. Haha! Creative Natives also told me they’d fly me out to Australia so I’m pretty stoked about that.

Seriously though, Logix BPO gives people like me who have a rather diverse skill set and a quirky personality someplace to belong. And that’s one thing I really, really love about the company.