Logix Talent of the Month – Melody Francisco

Meet the Team: Logix Talent of the Month  – Melody Francisco – The Responsible Daughter with Big Dreams and High Hopes for the Future

This is the fourth piece in the series of interviews we began in June, consisting of selected members of the Logix BPO family. These articles will show everyone why Logix BPO has become the go-to choice of many when it comes to quality work with above-average pay and a focus on work-life balance.

The fourth person to make it to our “Meet the Team” saga is our Talent of the Month for September and her name is Melody.

Mel is the kind of daughter most parents dream of having. Aside from finishing college on time, she also took it upon herself to help her family during her final year at university. She started working part-time while studying, which was no mean feat, seeing as doing one was already taxing on its own. So, imagine doing both at the same time while helping out at home too! Curious to know more about our talent of the month? Let’s get to it, shall we?

Q: Hi Mel. So, let’s begin this interview with our usual introduction about yourself.

Melody: Hey there! I’m Melody, and I’ve been a Pasigueño since birth. I’m happily in a relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years. I dove into the world of architecture for my education, and I actually started working part-time during my fourth year in college to lend a hand with the bills at home.

It’s been quite the journey, balancing studies and real-life work experiences. I initially took on more architecture-related work but somehow I managed to get into joinery and I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead in my career!

Q: Whoa, so that means, you took on quite a lot for someone so young! Before we go deeper into that, what do you do at Logix BPO?

Melody: I’m currently working at Logix BPO as a Microvellum Drafter, and I must say, it’s been an exciting journey. My background in architecture has been a real blessing for the joinery field.

When I first started using the Microvellum drafting software a few years ago, it was a bit of a learning curve, but my experience in reading architectural plans and applying critical thinking to planning has been a game-changer. Our primary focus is on cabinetry, and my architectural experience has been quite an asset.

Q: Okay, so you studied architecture and you’re currently working as a Microvellum Drafter. Suffice it to say, we see a connection between the two. So, did your joinery work during college push you to continue with what you were already familiar with when you entered full-time work?

Melody: Yes, it all began when I realized I needed to step up and assist my mom with covering the bills and my younger brother’s tuition. He was gearing up for college, and the program he wanted to pursue wasn’t exactly budget-friendly.

So, I found myself at a crossroads, pondering my options, you know, just the usual for the eldest daughter of an Asian household, haha. Then, an opportunity presented itself, and I eagerly embraced it, determined to soak up as much knowledge as possible in this new field. I stopped a semester shy of graduating and immersed myself in work.

While this path wasn’t a complete departure from my background in architecture, it did present its own set of challenges initially. Looking back, though, I’m confident I made the right decision, especially as my brother is now on track to graduate college next year.

Q: Wow, that’s quite an achievement for someone so young! Standing up to help your mom and to ease the burden of your brother’s tuition is very commendable! Now, I’m curious about your family life. Can you tell me more about your family?

Melody: We’re far from your typical nuclear family. To begin with, my younger brother and I were mostly raised by our amazing single mother, who is an absolute powerhouse. But she’s not the only strong, independent woman in our lives.

We had two “lola ninangs,” who, although not blood-related, are as much a part of our family as anyone else. When my mother was working tirelessly abroad to provide for us, my two “lola ninangs” stepped in to take care of us here in the Philippines. That’s why my heart holds them so close.

Unfortunately, we’ve had our share of challenges. We lost one of these incredible women a few years ago, but her spirit lives on in our hearts. Our little family has faced hardships, including my other lola ninang’s battle with cancer a few years back, and now my mother is dealing with some critical health issues of her own.

Throughout these hard times, it’s these remarkable women who inspire me to strive for greatness in every aspect of life, from my daily routines to my career. I want to carry their strength and resilience forward; honouring the legacy of love and support they’ve given us.


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Q: That’s quite a touching story. So, you’ve been really busy from the time you were in your last year of college till now. How do you manage to balance your professional commitments with your family life? Do you still have time for other things like hobbies and other activities?

Melody: Balancing my professional commitments with my family life is a top priority. Working from home has been a blessing, especially when I need to be there when my mother needs me most. It’s a flexible setup that allows me to manage both effectively.

I’m willing to put in extra hours when work demands it, but I’ve also learned to set boundaries to ensure I have quality time with my family. These boundaries ensure that I can consistently carve out precious moments for my family. After all, life is a collection of these moments, and I want to cherish each one of them.

Maintaining a work-life balance – it was a bit of a struggle at first because I used to be quite a workaholic. But with the culture of Logix BPO and some guidance from my Team Leader, Ms. Cheppy, and Ms. Winlove, I’ve found a healthier balance and have begun to add some rest and self-care into my schedule.

To maintain this balance, I’ve set clear boundaries between work and personal time. I’m also big on time management to get things done efficiently, so I have more time for myself and my family.

Outside of work, I’m into a little gaming (mostly cozy games, haha), reading, and indulging in the occasional K-drama binge. It’s all about finding joy and relaxation outside of work to stay refreshed and focused.

Q: I’m tempted to ask about recommendations for K-dramas, but let’s not get into that or we’ll be here for hours! Haha. Okay, back to the questions. Let’s talk about your goals and aspirations. What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Melody: Let’s begin with my long-term plans. In the long term, it’s all about financial stability for my family. I want to build a strong foundation, ensuring we’ve got the resources and security we need to thrive. Finding a cozy place that we can call our forever home is definitely part of the plan.

In the short term, I’m laser-focused on levelling up with Microvellum. That means soaking up knowledge from clients, staying updated with the latest features, and seeking opportunities to apply this knowledge effectively in my role.

For my personal short-term goals, I’m all about keeping our family healthy and secure. I’m getting a comprehensive HMO plan for them (in addition to the one I’ll have upon regularization) and prepaid emergency cards for each family member. Regular check-ups are also non-negotiable. Our health isn’t just a priority for now; it’s definitely going to be the foundation of our future well-being.

I’m all about growth, both at work and in life. On the job front, I’m on a mission to become a Microvellum wizard – mastering it, creating libraries, crafting custom products, and navigating every nook and cranny of the software, haha. This isn’t just for my career but hopefully, this will be a win for our client and our team.

Q: Why did you choose to work for Logix BPO? What attracted you to this organization?

Melody: Well, the journey to Logix BPO started when Ms. Ella reached out to me about the role. Right from the get-go, what really caught my attention was how transparent and approachable everyone at Logix BPO is. Whether I was talking to the recruitment team or HR, I felt genuinely welcomed, and that’s pretty special, especially as an applicant.

I have to give a shoutout to Ms. Angel – she even gave me some golden advice for the client interview, which I thought was awesome! So, with all these green flags waving in front of me, I never looked back. It’s like the grass has never been greener, you know?

The combination of these positive vibes and Logix BPO’s culture of transparency and inclusiveness made it crystal clear that this is where I want to be. I was so pumped to be part of the Logix BPO family and couldn’t wait to dive into the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Q: Wow, you sure have your future all mapped out and it seems Logix BPO will be playing a huge part in it! Before we go, what excites you the most about your role and the future of Logix BPO?

Melody: Well, what excites me the most about working here at Logix BPO is being part of this awesome team that’s pushing the envelope in the outsourcing sphere as well as being part of the amazing McColl Cabinetmakers Team. Our client certainly goes the extra mile to make us feel a part of the team even though we’re working remotely.

As for Logix, it’s no surprise people like me love working here, and proof of that is it’s already Great Place To Work certified! They may just be a few years old but I see that they’re already on the way to the top.

The way Logix BPO takes care of their employees and embraces tech while delivering top-notch service is totally in line with what I’m all about. I can’t wait to see how this company continues to grow and succeed, and I’m stoked to be part of the ride. The future looks pretty bright, and I’m definitely here for it!