Logix Talent of the Month – Allysa Kuizon

Meet the Team: Logix Talent of the Month – Allysa Kuizon – The Human Resources Maven

This is the fifth piece in this interview series which began in June. It features selected members of the Logix BPO family and will endeavour to show everyone why Logix BPO continues to be the choice of numerous talents when it comes to quality work with above-average pay, not to mention work-life balance.

This next individual who made it to our “Meet the Team” list is our Talent of the Month for October and she is Allysa.

Allysa Kuizon is a 28-year-old mother of a 10-month-old baby girl who currently resides in a quiet town in Leyte. Born and raised in the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro, she studied Psychology at one of the premier universities in the Philippines, the University of San Carlos, which is located in Cebu City. To say that she’s perfect for her role as a Talent Partner for one of Logix BPO’s clients is an understatement. With six years of experience in the HR realm, you can say that she’s truly cut out for the job. Let’s have a chat with her, shall we?

Q: Hi Allysa, so let’s get right to your work experience and qualifications. You’ve had 6 years in the Human Resources industry? Can you expound?

Allysa: Yes. I started as an HR Generalist in a Media/Entertainment company then joined a start-up shared service centre as an HR Specialist supporting Singapore and Malaysia. After a few years, I got promoted to team leader. Then the pandemic happened. It opened my eyes to remote work and I never look back. I resigned from my post and joined Logix BPO. 

Q: So you’ve been in the industry from the get-go. I’m curious. What made you go into HR and how did you develop an interest in this field?

Allysa: I just love to work with people. Considering my strengths and personality, I find HR industry a better match. I like the fact that no day is ever the same and that I truly learn constantly. What really got me started in this field was the internship I did at a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. I loved that as a recruiter, I got to interact with a variety of people and every interaction was a learning opportunity. That continues to this day in my role with Logix BPO.

Q: Ooh, I never saw it that way before. Aside from your interest in meeting a lot of different people and your love for the industry, what can you say makes you perfect for your role in the company?

Allysa: I believe being a good communicator gives me an edge in this field. You should remember that the number one skill across all industries is, and probably always will be communication. Both written and verbal communication are essential strengths for an HR professional to have. 

Recruiters, as liaisons between job seekers and potential employers, are responsible for communicating clearly and effectively in all mediums – in person, on the phone, in emails, and other forms of communication. 

I’m also good at active listening – listening goes hand-in-hand with being curious. Taking the time to really hear your candidates and clients will give you more valuable information than any other tactic you can find.

By listening intently to what your candidates and clients say, you get to know exactly what they want. You can then use this information to craft your recruitment and negotiation strategies. The more you listen, the more valuable information you will get to guide your decision-making.

Also, I’m an expert at time management. This is essential to enable recruiters to make sure that tasks are completed on time. Often, a recruiter’s responsibilities are time-sensitive since their clients need candidates to fill empty positions quickly. A recruiter’s time management skills help them meet hiring deadlines, keep interview schedules flowing smoothly and successfully manage the multiple tasks recruiting involves, like writing job posts, screening applicants and scheduling interviews.

Q: Oh, so can you tell me when these skills and expertise helped you with your current position at Logix BPO?

Allysa: Being able to communicate through a variety of different channels helped me source candidates quickly. Such as writing effective job and social media posts, cold emails and networking. Paired with active listening, I fully understand what type of skillset the client is looking for and what the candidate is looking for in a company as well. 

Planning my day ahead lets me work on all the open roles that we have and other tasks that I need to do.

Q: So, I know you have all these skills and abilities that help you fulfil your duties as a talent partner for your client. Are you currently learning new skills to expand your horizons, so to speak?

Allysa: I’m grateful to be working with a client who encourages me to take courses to enhance my skills and keep up with the strategies the market is currently using.

I recently finished the Cold Email Conversion course which is relevant to my current role. This course gave me ideas on how to receive a higher reply rate.

Q: That’s good to hear! So, with upskilling, does that mean you have big aspirations for the future?

Allysa: I have worked in this particular field for a while now. I set up goals to test myself accordingly. Here, my short-term targets remain basic. I will work on the tasks assigned to yield the expected outcomes or even exceed the client’s expectations. The targets are clear in my role. 

Further, as I settle down here, I want to take more part in decision-making roles. I see myself involved in bigger responsibilities, taking tougher decisions that can benefit the organization. For the sake of mutual growth, I have to work with the experience I have accumulated in all these years.

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Q: So, how do you align your personal goals with your role within the company and can you share any steps you are taking to achieve these goals?

Allysa: By being proactive and building a great relationship with my client. Taking a proactive attitude will improve my level of satisfaction, competency, and chances of professional advancement. This helps contribute to the company’s goals and create a culture of excellence and achievement. Also, reading books, taking courses every now and then, and mentorship all help me achieve my short-term and long-term aspirations.

Q: You mentioned earlier that you worked with other companies in the past in a similar capacity. Can you tell me what drew you to apply with Logix BPO and what keeps you from looking elsewhere for opportunities?

Allysa: A lot of factors came together to help me see the light, so to speak. First, it was remote work. For me, the ability to work remotely offers a better work/life balance. The less energy you spend preparing for going to work and commuting, you can focus on your work instead. Hence, I decided to leave my post and join LogixBPO. 

I enjoyed working in a start-up company in my previous role. It pushed me to the best of my capabilities. When I found out that LogixBPO was starting to build their RPO, I was instantly interested. I was keen to incorporate what I learned into this new venture.

I stay with Logix BPO because of the company’s culture. Logix encourages open communication, with leaders being open to questions and suggestions. Employees are free to express ideas and opinions, and everyone collaborates instead of competing.

Q: Wow, so you really love working for Logix BPO. With your busy work schedule, how do you find time for other things? How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance? Any particular strategies or activities you engage in?

Allysa: I make sure to set clear boundaries between work and personal life. By defining specific working hours and separating work-related tasks from personal activities, I get the work-life balance that a lot of people find difficult to get. I always find that planning ahead and setting blocks of time for different tasks help me compartmentalize everything effectively.

Q: So what do you enjoy doing outside of work and how does your family play into all of these? 

Allysa: I like to spend time with my family. I know it sounds cliché but life is totally different when you have a 10-month-old daughter. We enjoy doing outdoor activities such as walking around town, hiking, or visiting new beach spots. It has been our way of bonding and letting our daughter enjoy the beautiful wonders of nature.

Spending time outside and connecting with your loved ones lets you recharge your internal batteries. It gets you pumped up to start the work week. Our life has been a lot more colourful with our baby. We are always excited to let her try all the wonderful things this world has to offer.

My family is my inspiration; they make me want to get up every morning and be the best version of myself. Setting clear boundaries between work and personal life, defining specific working hours and separating work-related tasks from personal activities, helps me do this. 

When I am working, I focus on my work and when my work is done, I unplug and focus on my family. So, when it is my working hours, they respect it and let me focus on my work, that is why I get to live my best life.

Q: That’s amazing. I wish everybody had the kind of work-life balance you have. Is that why you enjoy working for Logix BPO?

Allysa: That isn’t the only reason I love working for this company. If there’s one word that can describe Logix BPO, it’s inclusivity. Logix BPO makes every employee feel valued while also acknowledging their differences and how these differences contribute to the organization’s culture and business outcomes. 

I’m also excited about what the future holds for LogixBPO! There’s massive potential for growth and opportunities for advancement, so staying with the company gives me a chance to see that happen and possibly find myself climbing the ladder of success with them.

Q: Very well said, Allysa. Thanks for talking with us and here’s wishing you continued happiness, success, and more achievements with Logix BPO.