Logix BPO ends 2022 strongly with awards

Logix BPO is proud to announce significant business growth in the first three quarters of 2022 and no signs of slowing down as we approach Q4 2022.

The company provides a very convenient and valuable service to companies of all sizes. By offering a wide range of virtual assistants and various business outsourcing solutions, Logix BPO has helped many businesses grow their staff numbers, build effective remote teams, and also manage many basic components of human resources. This includes providing insurance, holiday pay, benefits, and even legal compliance for teams.

These services have helped companies around the world save up to $60,000 per year on each of their employees. This radical reduction on operational costs doesn’t come at the cost of a skilled and motivated workforce either, meaning businesses can quickly scale their businesses without compromise. Much of the staffing and operational activities are also outsourced to Logix BPO, meaning companies can focus their efforts on building their business instead of staffing concerns.

Since being founded in 2019, Logix BPO has grown at a steady pace by providing outsourcing solutions to companies around the world. In 2022 alone, the team has seen a growth of over 60 full time staff members in Q3 2022 alone. These staff members are split across Logix BPO’s main offices in both Australia and the Philippines, and also some remote employees. Logix BPO has also acquired dozens of new partners across the world, providing them with cost-effective remote hiring solutions to assist with business growth and operational management.

2022 & 2023 Awards

Logix BPO wins Best BPO Solution Providers for 2022/2023

Logix BPO’s growth hasn’t gone unnoticed either. CIO Bulletin has recently crowned the company’s CEO, Anthony Godley, as one of the “10 Best CEOs to Watch 2023”. In addition, The silicon Review has named Logix BPO one of the “5 Best BPO Solution Providers to watch in 2023“. Finally, Outsource Accelerator has also recognised Logix BPO as one of the Top BPO Companies in the Philippines. These numerous awards have helped promote Logix BPO as one of the top outsourcing companies in the world.


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Expected Growth in 2023

Logix BPO will continue to grow at a steady pace while taking advantage of their global success. The company plans to hire another 200 full time staff throughout 2023, and this will lead to improved operational and talent acquisition processes. This will help the company connect with more talented workers that will work together with the company’s partners. Logix BPO will also focus on aspects such as building company cultures and improving staff retention to further help companies reduce their operational costs.

This strong end to 2022 shows that Logix BPO has created a solid foundation with their key virtues. The company strives to never settle for anything less than “Exceptional At All Times” and is positioned to deliver exceptional BPO solutions to all of their partners. Companies across the world already trust Logix BPO with their remote staffing requirements, and this number is set to grow at a rapid pace in 2023.