Logix Talent of the Month – Anthony Lopez – Logix BPO’s Resident Funny Man with a Heart

This is the beginning of a series of interviews with some of the fantastic members of Logix BPOs workforce. These interview articles aim to show the world, the universe rather, just what kind of people this groundbreaking and awe-inspiring company has within its portals.  

Yes, the title may seem like something copied from an answer in a popular pageant, but hey, the shoe fits! Anthony Lopez, one of the stellar talents in the Logix BPO stables, is indeed a funny man with a heart since he tries to bring a smile to everyone’s lips with his funnyman antics and one-liners at the start of every day.

In this interview, we’ll be getting to know more about this resident comedian’s life inside and outside of Logix BPO, what his motivations are, why he chose to become a member of this award-winning outsourcing company, and why he loves being part of Logix BPO.

Q: Hi Anthony, let’s begin this interview with a bit of background on you, shall we?

Anthony: Sure! Hi, I’m Anthony V. Lopez Jr., born and raised in the land of promise, Davao. I am 27 years old, the youngest of five siblings, and the only boy, which makes people believe I’m spoiled. I’m not, well, maybe a little, hahaha. No, I’m not spoiled, but it did make me the center of my mom’s attention, making her shower me with lots of love growing up.

Q: Tell us something personal about yourself that you rarely tell other people.

Anthony: When I was younger, I had a pet named Snow, but he died. That profound sense of loss afterward stopped me from getting another pet. The loss of a family member or loved one is truly heartbreaking, and it has made it difficult for me to gather the courage to adopt another pet since then.

Q: Sorry to hear about that. How about your education and your professional life, can you tell us something about that?

Anthony: Well, I graduated from the University of Mindanao with a degree in Information Technology. You know those people who loved college so much that they chose to stay longer because of all the fun they were having? I’m one of those! Hahaha! I loved college so much, I stayed an extra two years! Just kidding! Suffice it to say, life happened, and it took me longer to finish, but finish I did!

When it comes to my professional career, I began as a freelancer while I was in school. While working on my thesis for my degree, I chose to be productive and earn money by becoming a Data Entry Specialist. Having my own money and enjoying being part of the world of the employed, I then continued to work in many different roles – I found myself working as a Virtual Assistant, as an Assistant Community Manager, and as a Technical Support Specialist.

The diversity you see in my career choices shows that I am open to any challenge. My varied set of skills and talents, as well as my willingness to take on any role, gave me the experience I needed to create a resume that helps me land challenging and exciting jobs, like the one I currently have with Logix BPO.

Q: So, what position do you currently hold in Logix and what do you do?

Anthony: I am a Talent Curation Specialist and I’m tasked with managing talent profiles in the company’s CRM. I make sure that all data we get from applicants are accurate and properly curated. It may seem like a simple job, but it’s not. It’s a lot of responsibility, and what I do increases a candidate’s prospects for job placement.

Upholding strict standards for data accuracy, I ensure that candidate information is consistently up-to-date and precise. I actively engage with candidates to fill information gaps, such as tools and technologies used, visa status, and updated CVs, thereby ensuring a complete and effective profile.  

Q: What do you think are your key strengths and skills that make you perfect for your current position?

Anthony: In a nutshell, I am tech-savvy, I am tenacious, and I put 100% in everything I do. Remember college? 6 years? Hahaha, just kidding! Seriously though, being tech-savvy helps me easily learn how to handle and navigate certain tools for my work. My determination and dedication to giving it my all helps me not to give up. Even when faced with challenges that come with the integration of new tools, new technologies, and new learnings, I don’t throw the towel in, so to speak.

Q: How do you keep yourself updated professionally, and what are your goals when it comes to your future?

Anthony: As Albert Einstein famously stated, “Change is the only constant.” I wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy and am actively working on self-improvement to become a more valuable employee for the company.

Logix is the best company I could ask for, it accepts me for who I am and I am grateful to be a part of it. Looking towards the long term, my aspiration is to aim for a more significant role within the organization. I am confident that, with time and dedication, this opportunity will come my way. I trust Logix to be a guiding force on my journey toward achieving this future goal.

Q: How do you ensure that you remain relevant not only in your industry but also within Logix BPO?

I do this by aligning my personal goals with that of Logix. It helps me contribute to the growth and success of the company as well as my own. I do self-reflection, which helps me identify areas that I need to develop more in myself. I also try my best to understand what the company is all about and what its objectives are, so I can do what I can to help it reach such goals.

Other things I focus on that help me align my future with that of Logix BPO’s future include goal setting using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) system and continuously learning. Collaborating and communicating effectively with colleagues, being brave enough to face challenges, and embracing opportunities are also in my bag of tricks, so to speak, when it comes to keeping myself relevant and useful.

Q: How do you personally connect with our company’s culture and values?

Anthony: I do this by embracing a proactive and productive approach in my work. By being proactive, I demonstrate a commitment to continuous growth and strive to exceed expectations in my role. This helps contribute to the company’s goals and helps create a culture of excellence and achievement.

This led to me being recognized as the “Best Employee of the Month” for May 2023. This achievement reflected my dedication, hard work, and commitment to upholding the values of our company.

Q: That’s quite a lot! How do you manage to keep yourself from going crazy over so much!?

Anthony: Prayers! Lots of prayers! Hahaha. No, seriously, I always put God first in everything I do and that gives me the strength I need to carry on with whatever I set my mind on doing.

I also ensure that I maintain a good work-life balance, which Logix insists that all employees do. I engage in a variety of hobbies to keep myself grounded and relatively sane, hahaha. I have been a toy collector since 2010, collecting One Piece Action Figures. I also enjoy building and upgrading personal computers, which provides me with opportunities to exercise my technical skills.

I also prioritize relaxation and personal activities that bring me joy. Spending time with loved ones and participating in physical activities help me recharge and manage stress. Oh, and I do enjoy the occasional night out with friends and a bottle or two of beer. Like they say, work hard, play harder, hahaha!

Q: Why did you choose Logix BPO and what do you think sets it apart from others like it in the industry?

Anthony: Probably the biggest factor that sets Logix apart from other companies like it is that they truly care. The company treats its employees exceptionally well. Aside from competitive salaries, comprehensive HMO benefits, and most importantly, supportive team leaders who guide and uplift employees on a daily basis, Logix also fosters a positive work environment where employees are valued and empowered. (Special shoutout to TL Winlove for her contribution in creating such a positive and supportive atmosphere!!)

Q: What excites you the most about your role and the future of Logix BPO?

Anthony: What excites me the most about my role and the future of Logix BPO is the potential for growth and innovation. As the company continues to expand and evolve, there will be new opportunities to significantly impact and contribute to its success.

I am excited about the chance to be at the forefront of technological advancements, provide innovative solutions to our clients, and contribute to the continuous improvement of our processes.

The prospect of working with a talented and diverse team, learning from their expertise, and collaborating on exciting projects is also truly exhilarating. The future of Logix BPO holds immense possibilities, which is why I am eager to be a part of its continued growth and success.

Q: Any parting words for our readers who may be considering joining Logix BPO?

Anthony: I am excited about the future and eager to make a meaningful impact within Logix BPO. Throughout my work experience, I have demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results. If you believe in these same things, then come and join us!

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