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Case Study – Index Group

Return on investment summary

By building a highly skilled recruitment and sourcing team through our global RPO solution, Index Group are able to:

  • 5Bring highly skilled resourcing and recruitment specialists into their team at a fraction of the cost compared to the local workforce
  • 5Tap into a new, fluent English talent pool
  • 5Generate significant placement fee revenue from remote team data and candidates
  • 5Scale their teams in a risk free environment

The Company

The Index Group of Companies includes a number of known recruitment brands across the UK and into Europe, including Ion Search, Ventex, Future IT Staffing, Olivi and Zinq, founded by Daniel Gostelow.

The group of companies was founded in 2018 with Ion Search, which began operations as a Recruitment to Recruitment business in the UK, which now operates from global offices in Liverpool, Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Orlando & New York.

The Index Group is a recognised global recruitment group with strong values, and an exceptional reputation.

The Relationship

Ion Search was one of the first recruitment & RPO partners to join the Logix Global RPO Network. In January 2022 Logix and Ion Search began the partnership to bring highly skilled sourcing and recruitment specialists from the Philippines to support their global recruitment operations.

The relationship has flourished, with the team scaling from an initial 1 sourcing specialist, to a remote team of more than 1o skilled recruitment specialists.

The Achievements

Month on Month placements delivered

Significant salary and operational cost reductions made of up to 70%

Sourcing specialist promoted to lead the team in the Philippines due to exceptional dedication and performance

In part due to the performance of the remote team, a stronger position held in the UK market

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