Hiring Virtual Assistants is the “New Normal”

One of the most common things you will hear in offices around the world is, “I could not get around to that task because I ran out of time”…

However the reality is that in most cases the real reason why tasks are either not being completed on time or not being completed to the quality expected is because there is not adequate resource to get the tasks done and help prioritize the most important tasks.

This is exactly where Virtual Assistants provide their invaluable inputs.

Since the outbreak of Covid19, we have entered a unique period, particularly for those who are operating established businesses or building a new business.

Brick & Mortar operations are struggling, with local and family-owned businesses closing at a record rate, yet we are seeing other online businesses flourish at exponential rates.

Businesses such as Netflix, DoorDash, Amazon and Zoom has experienced unprecedented growth since the pandemic started which can also be said for the Virtual Assistants and Remote Staffing sector globally.

There is something that all these businesses have in common. There are all in essence, virtual companies that promote the stay-at-home lifestyle and adopting the Virtual “New Normal”.

 Many businesses are still trying to adjust to this “New Normal”, but they only must look around to see those businesses beginning to thrive again and learn from them.

Below are just some of the new normal changes we have seen in several key industry sectors most impacted by the pandemic:

Restaurants Hiring Virtual Assistants

It has been a difficult year for restaurants with what seems to be an endless cycle of opening and closing due to lockdowns; unfortunately this has led to many restaurants closing.

The savvy restaurant owners quickly adapted their business for meals to go, offering broad menus and utilising the various food delivery solutions available.

As many restaurants found they could no longer employ their floor staff, they adopted Virtual Assistants to help manage order fulfilment, and boost their marketing & social media activities so their meals to go offers were visible in their local market places.

eCommerce Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

Online shopping is not a new retail model, however many retail business still do not provide this option and it is those retailers that quickly became vulnerable during the early months of the pandemic.

Once again, the savvy retailers embraced the mall going shopping community and encouraged them to buy online; it is no surprise that online retailers such as Amazon have hit record revenue heights during the pandemic.

May retailers have utilised skilled Retail Virtual Assistants who conduct a wide range of important tasks that have transitioned traditionally Brick & Mortar retailers into online powerhouses, such as:

  • Effectively organising customer orders
  • Fulfilling orders within the POS or retail software
  • Managing all customer service including email enquiries
  • Quality control of stock
  • Liaising with postal and courier services
  • Writing Product Descriptions,
  • Organising Technical Information
  • Uploading all assets to website using a CMS system

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Marketing Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

Marketing companies have always benefited from Virtual Assistants. One of the most common types of VA are social media Virtual Assistance, which provide extremely cost effective and skilled content, scheduling, customer support and graphic design skills for social media agencies at a fraction of the cost of hiring local staff.

With many marketing companies losing some of the client base through the volatile period of the easy pandemic outbreak, they adopted to hire marketing  virtual assistants to reduce their staffing costs whilst maintaining their service.

Many marketing agencies never looked backed and now benefit from 70% staffing cost reduction, 90% operational cost reduction whilst being able to provide the exact same solution as they did with local staff members.

Hiring Virtual Assistants has revolutionised their business models.

What has caused some businesses to close and others to thrive?

It is very simple. Those that quickly adapted survived. Those that did not, closed.

Many businesses realised that they had to quickly adopt modern consumer expectations such as online shopping and reduce their two most costly business expenses:

  1. Operations
  2. Staffing

The savviest of business owners realised that both reductions can be made through remote staffing, not only bringing in the necessary cost reductions but also ensuring that their businesses were equipped with talented people meaning their service offerings did not change.

Hence, Hiring Virtual Assistants become part of the New Normal.

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