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The world of work has changed rapidly in recent years, and in the last year, these changes have accelerated beyond everyone’s expectations. With an increased number of people working at home, many companies have realized remote working is a viable option that can vastly improve productivity rather than damage it. As remote working has become the new way of working, it has provided businesses with the opportunity to review their recruitment and staffing needs. As a result, companies can explore options more suited to this flexible approach to staffing and tailor their team to suit their business needs.

The shift to a new way of hiring teams is good news for employers, as finding the best staff is a problem many businesses face. Recruiting new employees is expensive and takes time, and that’s without including the cost of providing healthcare, paid leave, and work equipment. For many companies, the costs involved in recruiting new team members can make it almost impossible to take on new staff, let alone attract the best candidates to fill these vacancies. 

While the financial commitment involved in recruiting new team members is high, not taking on extra employees can be detrimental to your business. Without the right team, your business can feel stuck and unable to expand in the way you hoped. Putting your plans to expand on hold because you are unable to attract the right staff is incredibly frustrating, especially if your direct competitors seem to be growing their business and enjoying successful results from this. But, luckily, you don’t need to put your plans for growth on hold due to staffing issues. Instead, you can try outsourcing to overcome your barriers to business success and hire the best team.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing is big news at the moment, with an increasing number of businesses recognizing the value of bringing outside expertise to their companies. Many benefits can be gained from hiring a virtual assistant and outsourcing business processes. Here are some of the main benefits businesses can gain from choosing to outsource their work to a virtual assistant:

  • It saves you time by reducing the hassle of staff recruitment, enabling you to focus on building your business. You will also free up even more time by passing tasks onto your virtual assistants to complete.
  • Save money by hiring virtual assistants as there are far fewer costs involved in outsourcing than recruiting full-time employees. Outsourcing to a remote virtual assistant is 70 per cent cheaper than hiring a full-time employee locally.
  • You won’t need to worry about providing office space and equipment to virtual assistants.
  • Outsourcing to remote virtual assistants enables you to scale your business with minimal risk. You will be able to take a flexible approach to hire new team members as and when you need them.
  • Hiring virtual assistants will enable you to pick talented workers with skills and experience that perfectly match your business needs. 
  • Choosing to hire virtual assistants means that location is not an issue when looking for the best staff. You can benefit from experience anywhere in the world thanks to remote working virtual assistants.


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Choose a Trusted BPO

As you can see, many benefits can be gained from outsourcing your work to virtual assistants. You will be able to gain team members with expert knowledge and experience without the time and hassle of going through the recruitment process yourself. Instead, your business will enjoy the positives that come from having a skilled team working for you, but it is far more cost-effective than recruiting full-time employees. Outsourcing is an excellent option to resolve your staffing needs. But, to gain the full benefits from working with a virtual assistant; you need to know where to hire them.

As a trusted BPO, we pride ourselves on being different to standard freelancer sites. When you choose our virtual assistants, you can be sure of the quality of their work and that they will give your tasks the time and attention they deserve. Many businesses are unaware that many freelancer sites allow their virtual assistants to pass tasks onto lower-skilled resources, which means the virtual assistant you choose may not be the person that produces your work. Having your work passed onto someone without the required skills and experience can mean your work is completed to a lower standard and won’t be of the expected quality. The quality of completed work could also be compromised by your virtual assistant trying to complete multiple tasks for different clients all at once. If this happens, using a freelancer site can quickly become a disappointing experience and could mean that you need to start your search for new team members all over again.

As a trusted BPO, we pride ourselves on the service we offer our clients. Here are some reasons we stand out from competitors and can provide you with the best virtual assistants:

  • We select the best virtual assistants by carrying out background checks, tests, and interviews before they begin working for your organization.

  • The virtual assistants you select will be contracted to work on your business only, so you will have peace of mind that they are focused on your tasks alone.

  • We provide the tools and equipment your virtual assistant needs to work to the highest standard and provide reliable service for your business. We provide office space, computers, and software for our virtual assistants.

  • Our virtual assistants are also provided with training, benefits and support to enable them to work to the highest standards and feel supported and valued in their roles.

  • We take care of the hard work on your behalf, you simply need to provide your work schedules and monitor the results.

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If you are looking for talented virtual assistants to help your business, we can provide the staffing solutions you need. At Logix, we would love to work with your company and let you experience the benefits of our highly skilled virtual assistants for yourself.