Debunking Email Marketing Myths

The marketing landscape is a constantly changing environment, making it difficult for most businesses to keep up. All the most successful companies know that staying up to date with all the trends is critical to operations, along with investing in marketing research and practices. The same holds true for email marketing, which is a tool many believe to be a dying venture.

Considering the vast world of the internet, it can be easy to believe that the claim is a fact. Myths and misconceptions make the whole landscape an even more confusing blur, which has prevented countless brands from pursuing growth and success. They hinder the overall marketing performance, especially when it comes to email campaigns—which is still widely used all over the world for their success rates.

If you’re still stressing over your email marketing campaigns due to countless myths and misconceptions, it’s time to stop believing in them once and for all. This is part one of our mini-series, where we gather the top email marketing campaigns circulating the internet, and debunk them—for good:

Myth #1: Email marketing automation is not worth it

Change is always difficult to grasp, particularly if it costs time, effort, and money. The dawn of the digital age has caused businesses all over the world to shell out more on costs, all in the name of digitalization. Unfortunately, this has caused many to believe that combining marketing automation with email campaigns is expensive.

This is far from the reality, however, as email marketing automation actually allows you to segment your audiences better. As a result, you’re able to deliver better and more personalized messages, ensuring that it resonates. The best part? They’re all done automatically—you can schedule and watch as emails still get sent, all without pouring too much effort.

Myth #2: Unsubscribers compromise your overall email efforts

Consumers behave however they wish to behave, which is why it’s important to remember that unsubscribes are always going to happen. While seeing a spike in the unsubscribe rate is never ideal, you can turn it around by seeing it as an opportunity to learn.

You’ll be able to gain valuable insights on the current tactics employed, gauging which works and which do not. IP reputation disasters can also be avoided—unsubscribes are always better than being marked as spam. Consider it as a healthy engagement, and tweak your campaigns into better ones from there.


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Myth #3: Sending out too many emails is undesirable

Most businesses hesitate to send out emails, out of fear of annoying or frustrating their client base. While there is a semblance of truth behind this concept, keep in mind that sending too few emails can also hurt your campaigns.

The best way to avoid coming off as spam is to simply provide them with better content. Anything deemed valuable will be welcomed with open arms, especially if it resonates well with your audiences. If you’re a company selling technological tools, it may pay to provide them with instruction guides. Come the holidays, coupons will be well appreciated. At the end of the day, it’s all about strategy and creativity.

Handling Your Email Marketing Campaigns Better

Many believe that email marketing is a dead tool, but it continues to rake success for various businesses all over the world. The myths listed above may also prevent you from fully exploring its potential, so make sure to keep this guide in mind. The best way to ensure sustainable growth through email marketing is to simply listen to your client base — and to stop believing in myths!

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