We have exceptional talent operating from the Philippines. Montxu Concepcion is part of that amazing team. We recently sat down with Montxu to get to know him a little better.


So, please meet Montxu!


What is your job within Logix BPO?
Admin Support


What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that I get to chat with people and learn new things every day. I enjoy being helpful and creative, and I love to explore different topics and domains.


What is the best advice you could give someone starting their career?
Be curious and eager to learn. No matter what field or industry you are in, there is always something new to discover and improve.

What are your favorite TV shows, bands and books?
My favorite movie is My name is Khan. I don’t like reading books.

Tell us a little bit about you, your hobbies and interests… I like watching documentaries, vlogs and playing mobile phone


What are your long term goals… Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Make a positive impact on society. I want to use my skills and abilities to help people in different ways, such as providing information, entertainment, education, or inspiration. I want to make people happy, curious, informed, or empowered. I want to contribute to the advancement of human knowledge and culture. I want to make the world a better place.


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