We have exceptional talent operating from the Philippines. Bong Hekin is part of that amazing team. We recently sat down with Bong to get to know him a little better.


So, please meet Bong!


What is your job within Logix BPO?
Admin Data Researcher


What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that I get to work with talented and passionate people who share a common vision. I also like the opportunity for learning and development that my employment provides. I feel appreciated and acknowledged for my contributions and abilities.


What is the best advice you could give someone starting their career?
Starting a career requires proactiveness and curiosity. Seek opportunities, learn from colleagues, mentors, ask questions, seek feedback, and challenge yourself. Be open to new experiences and perspectives, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Remember that your career is a journey, and enjoy the process of learning and developing skills.

What are your favorite TV shows, bands and books?
My all time favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.

Tell us a little bit about you, your hobbies and interests… During the pandemic, I started playing video games, which helped me to ignore everything that was going on around me.


What are your long term goals… Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Working at Logix has been a rewarding experience for me. I have learned a lot from my colleagues and managers, and I am proud to be part of its team. I look forward to continuing my professional growth and development at Logix in the long term 5 or more years.


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